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Tampa Prep Parents Alliance (TPPA)

Tampa Prep Parents Alliance (TPPA)

Parents are an integral part of the Tampa Prep community. Through the Tampa Prep Parents Alliance (TPPA), parents partner with the school to volunteer and provide support for activities, events and programs. The partnership between Prep and our families is vital for student success.

We encourage you to engage in some of the committees and special interest groups on the following pages, and please feel free to reach out to your grade-level or division representatives if you have any questions or need guidance this first year!

Hello from the TPPA President

We hope that you’re all enjoying the summer!  As we look forward to the upcoming 2022-23 school year at the most innovative school in Tampa Bay, the Tampa Prep Parents Alliance is excited to get back into action, hosting events to support both students and parents alike! To stay current on all TPPA events (and there are MANY throughout the year!) Parents are welcome to attend TPPA meetings at school (usually held on the 2nd Wednesday every month) at 9:00am in the student center. Dates can be found via the school calendar. Be sure to read the TPPA section of upcoming events in the Thursday newsletter (starting in August) and visit the Parent Portal for additional details. TPPA would love to know if you’d like to be invited to participate in volunteer opportunities at school as they come up during the 2022-23 school year. Please fill out this form now to receive volunteer invitations.

If you have questions about TPPA, email TPPA President Allison Mook at



President: Allison Mook
Treasurer: Andy Warren
Recording Secretary: Cindi Herrera
Corresponding Secretary: Dee Dee Bland
Upper School Coordinator: Tien Shein
Middle School Coordinator: Christiana Thompson


Hospitality Chairs

Deb Dille
Annie Bass

Faculty Appreciation

Heather Fahey
Kim Wilson
Kim Osborne

Parent Education Committee (PEC)

The PEC is responsible for bringing in outside guest speakers to educate parents on current topics relating to education, college guidance, parenting and more. Past topics include:

  • A Beginners Guide To Mindfulness: Helping You and Your Teenager Manage Stress and Anxiety
  • What Every Parent Should Know
  • Real World 101: What Colleges Want Your Kids To Know
  • How To Get a Job and Keep It (for students)
  • Teaching Teens How to Feed Themselves: Food Culture
  • When Your Good Kid Makes a Bad Choice

Jeannine Williams
Gianna Rendina-Gabioff

Headmasters’ Challenge

Tampa Prep hosted the inaugural Headmasters’ Challenge on January 10, 2004. This annual tradition honors our rivalry with Berkeley Preparatory School. Winter sports teams from middle school, junior varsity and varsity all compete for the highly coveted Headmasters’ Cup.

Alex Steppacher
Jenifer Martinez-Robinson

Prep Fest 2023

Sharon Loar
Sherry McDonald

Community Service

Maureen Chase
Brooke Henning

End-of-Year BBQ

Megan Proulx Dempsey
Danielle Scarlett

Ways and Means

Melissa Renninger

Volunteer Coordinator

Kristin Meyer

Senior Mom’s Luncheon

Leslie Jennewein
Mandy Grabek

TPPA 2022-23 Grade Level Reps

6th Grade
Natassja Prose

Mili Patel

TBD (New Tampa Prep Parent)

7th Grade


Shilow Sack

Christy Shivel

8th Grade

Allison Clebert

Elizabeth Caddick

Rachel Magee

9th Grade

Mona Shah

Susan Cimino

TBA (New Tampa Prep Parent)

10th Grade

Susan Heine

Adrian Wise

Suzanne Yip

11th Grade

Lisa Hawk

Janice Wagner

Nessie Haideri McFarland

12th Grade

LaKisha Kinsey-Sallis

Molly McCoy-Straus

Gina Bailey

Special Interest Groups

Book Club

Tampa Prep Book Club meets every other month on the second Tuesday of the month from 9:00-10:30 a.m. Location is TBD, but will likely be virtual. We like to read a wide variety of books and are open to new and exciting suggestions. Our discussions are always animated, particularly when we disagree about the merits of a book! And, as always, people are welcome to come even if they haven’t read the book.

CHAIR: Laurie Sweeney and Marie Manthey

International Parents

Join this informal group of international parents who meet monthly at a Prep family home for coffee. Get acquainted, share cultures and learn more about what goes on at Tampa Prep.

CHAIR: Nurdan Johnsingh and Aned Richter

Terrapin Dads

It’s great to be a Tampa Prep Terrapin Dad! Why let Terrapin Moms have all the fun? Here’s your opportunity to meet other Prep dads for socializing (not fundraising!) in casual, informal, no-strings-attached gatherings. We meet once per semester for social events, and we also organize tailgates from time to time to coincide with sporting events at Prep.

CHAIR: David Vo

Outings Group

Explore the cultural riches and natural beauty of the Tampa Bay area while making new friends. Outing destinations will vary and may include visiting a local museum, biking, kayaking, or exploring the Tampa River Walk. Suggestions for activities are always welcome. Outings often end by going out to lunch (optional, of course, if you only have limited time).

CHAIR: Allison Burden and Shannon Dann

Frequently Asked Questions

How will TPPA events take place this year?

All TPPA events listed on the current 2021-2022 calendar.

What is a PEC Presentation?

The Parent Education Committee is a group within the TPPA responsible for hosting speakers about topics relevant to parents. You can access recordings of PEC sessions via our Vimeo account:

What are the Grade Level Events?

Student-Centered Events

Terrapins in each Upper School grade will enjoy a special lunch once per semester during their regular lunch hour, courtesy of the TPPA. Parents will be invited to volunteer at these events. 

Middle School students will enjoy a special lunch and a treat each semester during their regular lunch hour, courtesy of the TPPA. Parents will be invited to volunteer at these events. 


Parent-Centered Events

Each semester, parents can attend a Parent Coffee at school one morning and a Parent Social in the Tampa area one evening, all courtesy of the TPPA. These events are thoughtfully organized by your TPPA Grade Level Representatives. Parent Coffees generally have a guest speaker from Tampa Prep leadership who shares timely information relevant to the grade hosting the gathering. Parent Socials are a great opportunity to connect with other parents in the Tampa Prep community.

All TPPA Events are published in the school’s weekly electronic newsletter and in the TPPA section of the Tampa Prep Parent Portal.

Besides Giving Money, How Can I Help?


Submit an online review of our school (on education review sites, Google or Facebook). Share one of our social media posts on your own account. Send us your story about why you love and support Tampa Prep. We feature the stories and quotes from our community members on our social media and in our parent and alumni newsletters. GO RED! GO GOLD!


If you’d like to share a story of an event you chaperoned or a teacher who inspired your child or a Tampa Prep tradition that has touched your life, contact the marketing department to write a blog.