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It’s human nature to venture beyond the next horizon. To push past boundaries. Out-think obstacles. To challenge. To question. Next is the fire in your belly that refuses to let you settle back down. It’s the voice in your heart that says, “Try, just once more.” And it’s that moment when impossible turns possible.

We are Tampa Prep

And we are here to inspire next — the next great discoveries, innovations, and creations. Join us.

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Tampa Prep

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Challenge yourself

We want you to seek out great “ah-ha” moments. Figure things out. Make discoveries. Go exploring. Take a class in Prima Lingua, Forensic Science, African American History or Engineering Design.

Push boundaries

We believe the world needs the next generation of great wonderers — those who delight in figuring out the unknown, asking hard questions, and pushing for the answers.

Flip the script on “Prep”

“Prep school” can be synonymous with a conventional, inflexible approach to education. We are redefining PREP as a dynamic,  preparation for life with a higher purpose than self.

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Students come first

We constantly ask, “What’s best for our students?” We are not afraid to shake things up if it means a better, smarter journey for the kids, starting with our 8:50 a.m. start time.

Impossible becomes possible

Where there’s a good idea, there’s a way forward. An entrepreneurial spirit drives our school. Students have access to the most relevant topics and modern learning approaches.

They’ll know who they are when they leave here

We are not a cookie-cutter school that bends students to its will. We embrace all students as they are and provide them a safe, inclusive environment that allows them to focus on their work.

The Power of Next

Our students graduate uniquely prepared to succeed in a world of accelerating change, able to adapt and evolve, just as our school does.

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Welcome to Florida’s Most Innovative School

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Only 6th – 12th grade school in Tampa Bay

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11.2 acre campus in downtown Tampa

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710 students becoming thought leaders

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20,175 service hours completed by the Class of 2022

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More than 70 athletic individual and team state championships


Where a rigorous grounding in skills and knowledge is just the beginning – where teachers and students share inquiry, reflection and analysis on the path to personal understanding.


Where people celebrate the imagination in geometric proofs and formal essays, on canvas, computer and stage, in poetry readings and morning assemblies.


Where people respect differences and can find their place in a diverse community.


Where students develop winning attitudes in academics,
athletics and arts.


Where Florida Keys, museums and community service become classrooms that foster deeper understanding of one’s self, others and the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the school located?

Tampa Prep is located at 727 W. Cass St. in the heart of downtown Tampa on the Hillsborough River. We are the only private school downtown, and that location affords us the opportunity for partnerships with local businesses that benefit our students and our facility.

What is special about Tampa Prep?

Our students are promised a school that is carefully crafted to elevate their learning experience and challenge them in ways that more traditional environments cannot. We’re not afraid to shake things up if it means a better, smarter journey, and we’re proud to call ourselves Florida’s Most Innovative School. See some of the ways we’ve embraced best practices for students.

How can I learn more about Tampa Prep?

The school has active social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Vimeo. To learn even more about Tampa Prep, please contact our Admissions Office at 813.251.8481 or submit an online inquiry.

Does Tampa Prep offer an option for remote-only instruction for those who prefer not to come to campus?

No. With only 65 faculty members, it is clear that instructing students in two modalities (in person and remotely) at the same time is less than optimal. Our concern is that neither group would receive the depth of engagement, attention, observation, supervision and care that we seek, and know that is valuable, in these challenging times.

That being said, in the event that we transition to full remote instruction, we are confident in our preparations to fully support the experience for all students. We will continue to be vigilant in staying abreast of the COVID-19 trends and environment, and we are positioned to change direction if need be.

When should we begin the application process? When is the application process closed?

Completed admissions files are reviewed by Admissions Officers on a rolling basis for all grades except grade 9, but it’s a good idea to submit applications no later than February for the following school year. We host Open Houses in October and January. Read more admissions FAQ.

Does Tampa Prep have a waitlist?

Ninety-four percent of Tampa Prep families return each year, so open seats are limited. Tampa Prep does make use of a waitlist. The opportunity Tampa Prep has to admit students from its waitlist changes from year to year. Read more admissions FAQ.

How do I arrange a visit to Tampa Prep?

To schedule a tour of the school, please call 813-251-8481 and ask for the Admissions Office. Read more admissions FAQ.

Do I need to come to Tampa Prep for an interview?

Applicants are required to complete an interview with someone from the admissions team as part of the admission process. We can accommodate out-of-state or international applicants by interviewing them via Zoom. Read more admissions FAQ.

What organizations accredit Tampa Prep?

Tampa Prep is accredited by:

  • Florida Council of Independent Schools
  • Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

We are a member of:

  • National Association of Independent Schools
  • Secondary School Admissions Test Board
  • Bay Area Association of Independent Schools
  • Florida High School Athletic Association
  • National Association for College Admission Counseling
  • Council for the Advancement and Support of Education
  • The College Board
  • Southern Association for College Admission Counseling

Where do Tampa Prep graduates attend college?

Tampa Prep boasts a matriculation rate of 100% for our graduating seniors. We see our students matriculate to colleges and universities from coast to coast…and internationally, as well!