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Imagine a classroom with mobile think tanks, where desks and chairs swivel and pivot so that there is no “back of the classroom.” Imagine collaborative workspaces, giving students and teachers the real-world skills of working and problem-solving together.

What is your student doing in school right now?

Tampa Prep’s innovative spaces allow teachers to integrate technology into all curricular activities. Our foreign language department allows students to explore native countries in virtual reality, bringing the world into each class period. Film students produce movies for book reviews and chemistry students write VR applications for the periodic table. These simple realities inspire Tampa Prep students to address the future’s biggest challenges.

What sets
Tampa Prep above other schools?

Our incredible teaching faculty and the programs we have propel our students to success!

Virtual Augmented Reality Idea Lab

There’s a culture of innovation and creativity at Tampa Prep. There’s a willingness to try new ideas, think differently, and push envelopes–anything that better serves students.

Our IDEA Lab (Innovate Design Explore Apply) was a student-driven initiative. In 2017 Tyler Hostler-Mathis ‘19 showed an interest in Oculus Rift and VR programming. By giving Tyler the autonomy and resources –we now have an entire programming and VR curriculum, VR clubs, and VR summer camps.

Middle School ALE Spaces

Our Middle School ALE (Active Learning Environment) has provided an innovative space for our students that give them our most optimal learning experience:

  • Convertible workstations and the mobility of furnishings for different configurations that support collaboration.
  • Microphones for teachers that mitigate distortion and sound degradation over distance to provide auditory clarity.
  • There is no such thing as the back of the classroom. Three 42” HD smart displays in each classroom provide visual clarity. Teachers and students can sync their device’s screen to the displays for ultimate collaboration.
  • The Bernucca Learning Studio provides students with a study area featuring computers, a green screen, and a projector for the digital production of class projects.

Upper School ALE Spaces

We have also provided the ideal learning environment for our upper school students. In addition to the smart displays listed above, our upper-school classrooms offer

  • The same convertible seating with a more mature pallet for the transition to college.
  • Independent spaces for small group collaboration of 6-8 students.
  • Walls of windows for natural light and dry-erase writing surfaces.
Tampa Prep band

Video Production Suite and Soundproof Rehearsal Rooms

Our Upper School boasts a video production suite with state-of-the-art, production-grade tools, and software. Our Digital Video Lab includes green and white screen rooms. Pro tools include cameras, lighting, digital video support (Final Cut Pro X, Compressor, Logic Pro X), and Black Magic Cameras. Our digital production, band, and chorus students also have access to four soundproof rehearsal studios.

IMG 9896

Robotics Build Lab

Tampa Prep was designed to put students at the center of learning and to give them hands-on experiences. Click to read more about our VEX Award-Winning robotics program and STEM concentration.

“I think that is one of the things that distinguishes us. Tampa Prep has maintained the belief that it is safe to have your own ideas, and our students are encouraged to bring them forward.”

Suzy Lassacher, ‘85Alumna & Faculty Member

IPAD One-to-One

As educational thought leaders, we were the first school in Tampa Bay to successfully launch an iPad 1:1 program back in 2013 and were awarded the Apple Distinguished School designation. With 88% of our faculty being APPLE-CERTIFIED teachers, it has fostered a creative, hands-on approach that facilitates student-led instruction and peer-to-peer collaboration.

We at Tampa Prep understood the importance of this program because:

  • Learning comes to life when students incorporate multimedia into their lessons.
  • Research becomes more powerful and dynamic when students can view real-life documentation of events, via video, news articles, etc., instead of simply reading about them.
  • Languages are learned by interacting with native speakers.
  • Student work is instantaneously projected onto screens in the class for discussion and review.
ipad 1 to 1

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