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Middle School

The Tampa Prep Middle School provides an environment where students develop a strong academic foundation and a sense of ethical and social responsibility.

Experiences Designed for Independence

Capstone projects in each grade, Middle School Games (teaching team logic while having fun), field days, class trips to the Florida Keys and Boston, and Terrapin Days–one dedicated day each month of all-school community service–give students multiple opportunities to step outside their comfort zones safely and into what are often considered adult roles of negotiator, manager, developer, strategist, designer, leader and collaborator.

Innovative Learning at Tampa Prep

Building Character
and Community

The expectation of kindness, respect, honesty, and responsibility are woven into our Honor Code and modeled by all community members to build character during these important adolescent years. Students understand themselves and their abilities, try new things and form lasting friendships. Thanks to small class sizes, the personal relationships developed in classrooms, on the playing fields, and in advising sessions make Tampa Prep a very special place to grow.

Middle School field Day
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Technology Integration for All

Tampa Preparatory School continually redefines technology integration in education in Tampa Bay and beyond. Our one-to-one iPad program is successful because faculty have extensive opportunities to learn the newest educational tech tools. Professional development training facilitated by our Technology Integration Specialist is scheduled throughout the year through full-faculty Tech Checks and informal Play ‘n Learn sessions. Teachers use engaging tools and lead the way in exploring the newest trends in education, like flipped classrooms, project-based learning, design thinking, augmented and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence platforms.

Academic and
Personal Support

Small class sizes and personal mentorship through advising groups fuel student success. Our teachers know each of their students personally, both inside and outside the classroom, as most of our faculty also coach athletic teams. Every teacher stays after school for a full hour every day to make him/herself available for extra help for the students who need it. Further, our Academic Support Counselors provide the resources and support necessary to meet our high standards.

flipped classroom

A Flipped Classroom

The best education happens when people from diverse backgrounds and experiences converse. Through the Harkness Method, students study assigned readings at home, followed by vigorous classroom discussions among intellectually and emotionally engaged peers the next day. These discussions allow students to hold each other accountable while also developing perspective, listening skills, empathy, and a sense of self. A successful educational journey is not just about being able to recite correct answers. It’s about being able to think about what is being studied critically, developing one’s voice, and learning to express it with confidence.

Pushing the Envelope on Education

We’ve transformed an ordinary education into the absolute best experience for our students. We’re not afraid to shake things up if it means a better, smarter journey.

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