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STEM / Engineering


Why a STEM Concentration?

In support of the School’s Mission Statement, Tampa Prep offers an interdisciplinary STEM Concentration for rising 10th-grade students who relish the study of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The underlying goal is to equip graduate students with a range of experiences that prepare them for further opportunities in these fields while also completing Tampa Prep’s graduation requirements.

Academic Concentration Requirements

Each program requires students to select classes from relevant coursework that coincide with each interdisciplinary focus in addition to the core curriculum.  Additionally, they are expected to complete concentration relevant extracurriculars.

STEM: Engineering Requirements

Summary of Requirements:

  • Application and acceptance into the STEM Concentration
  • Completion of the core curriculum
  • Regular participation in an approved activity
  • Attendance of all planned on-campus STEM events each semester and one off-campus STEM event per semester
  • Completion and presentation of an approved culminating research project
  • Undertake a STEM-oriented Senior Internship
  • Maintain a minimum overall unweighted 3.0 GPA in STEM courses
  • Beginning with class of 2026, students must maintain an overall B average in each STEM course

1. Application

  • Rising tenth grade students must submit an application to the STEM Committee, stating their desire to participate in the Concentration and agreeing to the terms of the program
  • Applicants must at least be entering into Advanced Algebra 2 in tenth grade
  • Applicants must have demonstrated a high level of success and responsibility in prior math and science classes

2. Participating students must complete the following core curriculum by graduation:


  • Geometry
  • Advanced Algebra 2
  • Advanced Precalculus
  • Calculus or AP Calculus AB

Science (at least four credits)

  • Biology
  • Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry or AP Chemistry
  • Physics, Advanced Physics or AP Physics
  • At least one AP science course

Engineering and Technology

  • Introduction to Engineering Design
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering OR Computer Science and Software Engineering


  • At least one half-credit Visual Arts Course
  • Beginning with the class of 2025, at least one Arts credit must be completed in non-cross-listed Arts classes, which is in line with Tampa Prep’s standard graduation requirements.

3. Students must be a regular, yearly participant in one of the following activities:

  • Environment Club
  • Math Club/Mu Alpha Theta
  • National Science Honor Society
  • Robotics Club
  • Science Olympiad
  • Virtual Reality Development Club
  • Makers Club (makerspace)
  • Other Club that must be approved by the STEM Committee

4. Additional Requirements:

  • Students must attend all planned on-campus STEM events and at least one off-campus event per semester
  • After each event students must submit a picture from the event along with a written reflection to the STEM Committee
  • Students must complete a culminating STEM Research Project as part of the Engineering Design and Development course
  • Students must present their research in a public forum
  • Students must pursue a STEM-oriented Senior Internship

* All exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the STEM Committee

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