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Biomedical Sciences

Students get hands-on biomedical experience
Students get hands-on biomedical experience

Why a Biomedical Sciences Concentration?

The Biomedical Sciences Concentration provides students interested in biology, medicine, and related life science fields with an introduction to human systems, health, and diseases. In addition, students will gain hands-on experience with molecular biology techniques and complete advanced biology course work. Completion of the concentration requirements will result in the addition of  “STEM: Biomedical Sciences Concentration” to the student’s transcript.

Academic Concentration

Each program requires students to select classes from relevant coursework that coincide with each interdisciplinary focus in addition to the core curriculum.  Additionally, they are expected to complete concentration relevant extracurriculars.

Biomedical Sciences Requirements

1. Application

Rising 10th grade students must submit an application stating their desire to participate in the concentration and agreeing to the terms of the program

Applicants must obtain a teacher recommendation indicating that they demonstrate:

  • A high level of success and responsibility in prior science and math classes
  • A strong interest in biology, medicine, and/or related fields
  • An honors attitude

2. Participating students must complete the following core curriculum by graduation:


  • Honors Algebra 1
  • Honors Geometry
  • Honors Algebra 2 or Advanced Honors Algebra 2
  • Honors Precalculus or Advanced Honors Precalculus or AP Statistics

Science (at least four credits)

  • Honors Biology
  • At least one of: Honors Chemistry, Advanced Honors Chemistry, or AP Chemistry
  • At least one of: AP Chemistry, Honors Physics, Advanced Honors Physics, or AP Physics
  • At least one of: AP Biology or CL Anatomy & Physiology

Biomedical Sciences (one semester each)

  • Honors Human Medical Disorders* – Introduce students to human body systems, medicine, and research processes while exploring the pathophysiology of disease
  • Honors Biotechnology* – Project-based course to explore real-world problems and get hands-on experience with biotechnology techniques

* Starting with the class of 2026, students will be required to take Human Medical Disorders and Honors Biotechnology electives during their 10th-grade year.

3. Additional Requirements

  • Maintain a minimum overall unweighted 3.0 GPA in science and BMS courses*
  • Regular, active participation in Medical Explorers club or another approved club
  • Attend all scheduled on-campus BMS events and at least one off-campus event per semester
  • After each event, submit an artifact from the event (e.g. picture) and a written reflection of the event
  • Pursue a biomedical sciences-related Senior Internship
  • Complete an independent research project (completed in the Biotechnology course)

*Starting with the class of 2026, students will be required to maintain an overall B average in each STEM course
** All exceptions to these requirements must be approved by the Biomedical Sciences Committee.

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