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Life as a Terrapin

There are many things that make Tampa Prep stand out, but our education and community practices are the most highly acclaimed:

What Sets us Apart

  • Delayed School Start time 
  • Wellness Seminars
  • Active Learning Environments
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • Faculty Interviews with Student Panels
  • Athletics Built Into the Schedule
  • Senior Internships
  • Meditation
  • Culture of Creativity 
  • Encouragement of Kindness

Tag Along

At Tampa Prep, class schedules rotate, so each day you will skip one period, which may be an academic class or it could be an elective. Let’s tag along with Reese and Niam to get the play-by-play on a day in the life of these Class of 2029 Terrapins!

First Period@x

8:50 AM

First Period

 The Tampa Prep school day starts a little later than some schools to make sure that you get a good night’s sleep and arrive rested & ready to learn! 

Here, Reese and a partner work on problems during a group activity in Math class. 

9:50 AM

Second Period

 For second period, Niam heads to World Geography where students display and share their designs of a flag that could represent the European Union. 

Second Period @x
Third Period@x

10:55 AM

Third Period

 In Science, both Niam and Reese work on their human body systems project, creating a 3D model with an accompanying book. All work is done in the classroom (no help from mom or dad at home!) and projects are then presented to family and friends. 

Can you guess what human body system Reese is working on? 

11:50 AM

Middle School Lunch

 Lunch time! Whether you bring a sandwich from home, heat up mac & cheese in one of the provided microwaves, hit the vending machines or order in from one of the approved restaurants, it’s time for a re-charge. Reese loves to eat & connect with friends in the Student Center or courtyard while Niam usually ends lunch with a quick game of basketball or kickball outside.

Middle School Lunch
Fifth Period
Fifth Period Art@x

12:30 PM

Fifth Period

All 6th graders get to experience “the wheel” of subjects, including Art, Band, Chorus and Robotics – the perfect way to experience something new. In fifth period, Niam enjoys making new creations in Art while Reese sings her heart out in Chorus. 

1:30 PM

Sixth Period

Next up is English and independent reading, a great way to decompress and have a little quiet time as the end of the school day quickly approaches! Tampa Prep’s library has a giant selection of books and a full-time Media Specialist (Ms. Rendina) who is always happy to help you find the perfect book, for whatever mood you’re in. 

Sixth Period Books
Athletics Period

2:30 PM

Athletics Period

At Tampa Prep, we know how important physical activity is for a healthy mind & body, so every 6th grader’s school day ends with Athletics. Here, Reese learns the rules of volleyball while Niam is in perfect tennis form. Game. Set. Match!