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Tampa Prep is an independent, coeducational, inclusive, urban day school enrolling more than 700 students in grades 6 – 12. We are the Most Innovative School in Florida. We offer competitive salaries, a generous benefits package and an employee-pension program. Come work with us!

What’s It Like to Work at Tampa Prep?

Join Our Team!

All open positions are listed below. If you would like to apply, email your resume to the appropriate person below. In your cover letter, please specify ways in which you could contribute to the school, both inside and outside the classroom.
Tampa Preparatory School is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Contact our Hiring Team

Administrative Positions

Kimberly Baggett
Director of Human Resources
813-251-8481, ext 4093

Academic Positions

Donald Morrison
Dean of Faculty  
813-251-8481, ext 4045

Athletic Positions

Chris Lavoie
Director of Athletics
813-251-8481, ext 4075

Summer School

Mychael Sumby
Director of Summer Programs
813-251-8481, ext 4007

Non-Discrimination Policy

Tampa Prep is an inclusive and open-minded environment that does not discriminate according to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or matters of individual choice. Tampa Prep does not engage in personnel practices prohibited by Federal law. This policy extends to all activities and aspects of the school and specifically to the practices of faculty and staff hiring and management, in student admissions, student evaluation, discipline and student life.

Applying for Non-teaching Positions at Tampa Prep

Administrative and staff career opportunities come with the expectation of servant leadership. Support for student experiences, faculty, parents and external resources and opportunities matter. We were founded in an urban setting with a goal of raising centered, inquisitive and selfless adults through contact with diverse experiences and people.