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Back-to-School Information

Essential back-to-school information for the 2023-2024 school year may be found in the links below.

 iPads may be purchased from any retailer. The newest iPads available are the:

● iPad Air 5th generation (released March 2022)
● iPad Air 4th generation (released October 2020)
● iPad 9th generation (released September 2021)
● iPad Pro 5th generation (12.9 inch model, released May 2021)
● iPad Pro 11 3rd generation (11 inch model, released April 2021)

It is important to note that Tampa Prep follows industry standards and calculates the expected lifespan of a device to be 3 years. The date for the next upgrade cycle for these devices will be August of 2025. As of Summer 2022, any device released prior to 2020 will not be accepted.
Specifically, the devices listed below will not be accepted at that time:

● iPad 6th generation (released March 2018)
● iPad Pro 3rd generation (12.9 inch model, released November 2018)
● iPad Pro 2nd generation (11 inch model, released November 2018)
● iPad 7th generation (released April 2019)
● iPad Air 3rd generation (released March 2019)

Please note that device memory is critically important given the interactive student textbook content and multimedia that the school incorporates into its curriculum. 64 GB of memory (or more) will enable the student to fulfill school requirements of creating, producing, and storing multimedia projects. The WiFi-only model of the iPad is sufficient for student needs. The WiFi plus cellular option is not required. The iPad mini is not acceptable for use at Tampa Prep due to its size.


Please note that the device and any peripheral (keyboard, stylus, headphones, AirPods)  are the student’s personal property. Tampa Prep will not be held liable for lost, broken or stolen devices nor can we provide repair services for the devices. We strongly recommend the purchase of insurance or an extended warranty and the installation of the Find my iPhone app.   

We do require a good, protective case, preferably with a screen protector. Students may also opt to purchase a screen protector (if the case does not come with one), a  bluetooth keyboard and/or stylus for use with his/her device. While the folio keyboard cases are convenient, please know that they do not provide sufficient protection for the iPad. 

If you opt to purchase peripherals such as the keyboard case, the Apple Pencil,  Logitech Crayon, AirPods, etc., we strongly urge you to have it engraved or to purchase a distinguishing skin or wrap for the item. Bringing these supplemental peripherals to school is permitted, however, they are the responsibility of the student. Note that accessories such as the AirPods are not required. 

We do strongly encourage you to register your device with Apple as part of the setup and to enable location services to help your student find lost items that can be tracked.