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Tampa Prep’s Emma Kunkel ’27 was recently chosen to serve on the 2024 Mayor’s Youth Corps! She was inspired after hearing a speaker during one of her 9th grade class meetings.

The Mayor’s Youth Corps, established in 2004, is a community service organization whose Mission is to:

  • provide a direct communication link between the Mayor and the youth of the City of Tampa.
  • provide the experience of working with city government and instill a sense of civic responsibility.
  • provide leadership opportunities.
  • provide opportunities for hands-on, effective service to the citizens and the city.
  • promote and recognize the accomplishments and contributions of youth to the City of Tampa.

TP: “Congratulations Emma! What made you want to apply for the 2024 Mayor’s Youth Corps?”

EK: “I wanted to apply after seeing a presentation by the MYC coordinator, Molly Biebel. I was really interested in it because I’m really passionate about civics and community service. I always encourage any adult in my life to vote in local elections. I thought this would be a good opportunity to learn about local government and have a more active role.”

TP: What was the application process like?”

EK: “The first part of the application was a written online portion. We had to write an essay, answer questions, and provide creative solutions for local problems. The next portion was an interview. I was interviewed by three members of the Mayor’s Youth Council. We get interviewed with one other person. I really liked my interview partner, we were really supportive despite “competing.”

TP: “What do you hope to get out of this experience?”

EK: “I really hope that we are able to provide input to government officials about issues young people care about and modernize the way politics is marketed towards Gen Z. I’m also excited about bonding with other members on the trip.”