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Jade Madison Scott ’17, proud Tampa Prep alum, and her podcast have been nominated for an NAACP Image Award!

Scott, a Tampa native, always had dreams of working in the world of theater.

“When I went to Tampa Prep for high school, my freshman year I got into theater with David Mann,” said Scott. “He really instilled and invested that love. A couple of years later, I started volunteering at the Patel Conservatory at the Straz and I learned a lot of practical skills in production there.”

After graduating with a degree in Theater Arts Administration from Howard University, she decided to start her own production company, WGC Productions.  Representation and inclusion are important to Scott.

“I really wanted to make a space where people like Black people, queer people, people who don’t get a seat at the table, have a place to explore their creative sensibilities that doesn’t typically get picked up by a larger studio who doesn’t want to take a chance on them,” said Scott. “I love being Black, I love being an artist, I love being a Black artist. I love employing Black artists and working with other young Black people and give them that opportunity. I want to show them that you can be 23 and Black and have a lead role on a show and have good material on the show. You can do something interesting with the talent that you have.”

Under WGC, Scott writes, directs and produces three scripted fiction podcasts. She has a team of nearly 15 actors who voice their characters, including her podcast Small Victories.

After two seasons, Small Victories has been nominated for a NAACP Image Award for outstanding script series podcast.