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Welcome to Summer at Tampa Prep!

Tampa Prep offers some of the best camps in Tampa Bay! You’ll find details about all of our awesome summer camps and programs below. Once you’ve chosen your camps, view this Summer Information Packet (which will also be attached to your registration receipt) for information about drop-off, pick-up, lunch, and more. We look forward to meeting–or seeing you again–this summer!

Tammy Honegger, Director of Summer Programs| 813-251-8481

Photos from Summer 2019.

Academic Classes

Grades 6-12

You do not need to be a Tampa Prep student to register for these six-week, full-credit or three-week, half-credit/semester courses. *All courses are taught at the Honors level. Courses include levels of Algebra, Geometry, P.E. and Health, Pre-Calculus and Spanish I, II and III

Camp Terrapin

Grades 1-8

Camp Terrapin is a co-ed summer camp in Tampa for students entering grades 1-8. Campers experience a variety of activities in our gym, pool, theater, art rooms, turf field, virtual reality IDEA lab, and the neighboring Julian B. Lane Park. They’ll create, be themselves, and go beyond in a fun and safe environment.

Enrichment, STEM & Sports

Grades 1-12

Tampa Prep offers exciting, week-long camps for fans of arts, athletics, robotics, programming, chess and more!


For Registration Inquiries

CONTACT: Tammy Honegger
Director of Summer Programs

Email Mrs. Honegger



Camp Terrapin is a coeducational, sports and fine arts summer camp in Tampa for students entering grades 1-8. From the gym to the Smith Black Box Theater, the art room to the pool, and the Shimberg field to the virtual reality IDEA lab, your child will have an opportunity to experience a variety of activities while they embrace Tampa Prep’s mission to think, create, be themselves, aspire to excellence and go beyond in a positive, fun and safe environment.

Camp Terrapin runs from 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. daily


Week One: June 7 – 11
Week Two: June 14 – 18
Week Three: June 21 – 25
Week Four: June 28 – July 2
Week Five: July 5 – 9
Week Six: July 12 – 16
Week Seven: July 19 – 23

Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Before Care: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
After Care: 3:30 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

2021 RATES

  • Camp Terrapin Weekly rate: $280
  • Camp Terrapin Half-Day: $150
    • Can only be registered in addition to another half-day course or camp
  • Before Care: $45/week/camper
  • After Care: $55/week/camper

2021 DISCOUNTS (Only applies to Camp Terrapin)

**Returning Camper: $10/week/camper
**Early Bird: $10/week/camper
(Registration and payment must be submitted by April 1, 2021 to receive the Early Bird incentive.)
**Only one discount per camper may be used

Campers MUST be registered by 5:00p.m. the THURSDAY PRIOR TO the start of the camp you have selected. There is a $25.00 late fee for campers who register after that time.

Tampa Preparatory School has two full-sized indoor, air-conditioned courts, two outdoor half courts, a soccer field, a baseball field and an eight-lane swimming pool and diving well. Camp Terrapin utilizes all of these state-of-the-art athletic venues as well as classrooms throughout the school. Campers should wear closed-toe shoes (sneakers) every day.


  • Indoor sports activities and games–led by our counselors–are designed for the interest and age/skill level of our campers. Games include traditional favorites like capture the flag, basketball, tag, duck-duck-goose and more.
  • Outdoor sports include games like court hockey, tennis-baseball, soccer, kickball, field games, flag football and more

SWIMMING: Campers must pass a swim test on the first day of camp. If a camper does not pass this test, they will be asked to either wear a lifejacket or be restricted to certain areas of the pool. Three certified lifeguards are on duty at all times. No instruction is given during the swimming activity period. Campers should bring their bathing suit, towel and sunscreen every day.

VISUAL ARTS: Directed study of different art media (drawing, painting, printmaking, clay and 3D materials). and different themes for each camp session.

COMPUTER GAMES: The computer labs at Tampa Preparatory School have upgraded Apple computers with a variety of educational, non-violent games installed just for campers. In addition, campers have access to “kid-friendly” websites for game play. The Internet is heavily filtered and monitored while the campers are using computers.

GAMES: Campers may choose from a variety of board games, card games, ping-pong, air hockey, arcade games and more. Kids enjoy oversized versions of games like KerPlunk and Jenga too.

SCIENCE: Innovative and interactive, our campers will have the opportunity to become involved in the engaging world of science through different themes each session.

SPECIAL ACTIVITIES: Theme days, special guests, dance time, field and swim events, movie and popcorn days and more! Counselors may offer campers an option of two different activities, but for the majority of the time, campers will stay with their group and participate in the planned activity. Campers may also be grouped by gender or age during specific activities. The master activity schedule may vary based on weather or other special activities.


Academic Listings

You do not need to be a Tampa Prep student to register.

Full credit courses are six weeks long and count as a full year’s course. Half credit courses are three weeks long and count as a semester credit. *All courses are taught at the Honors level. 

  • Algebra I Review
  • Algebra II Review
  • Geometry
  • Physical Education & Health
  • Pre-Calculus Review
  • Spanish I Review
  • Spanish II Review
  • Spanish III

Students should have their iPads for class. Please review the Policies & Procedures before enrolling.

Semester 1: June 14– July 2
Semester 2:July 5 – July 23
Times: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Semester 1 Credit Cost: $1,400
Semester 2 Credit Cost: $1,400
PE: $1,450 per semester (Cost of field trips or guest speakers included)
Students must register for both semesters to receive a full year’s credit.



Spanish I Review
Prerequisite: Spanish I
This course is restricted to students who have already taken Spanish I and wish to become more proficient before moving on to Spanish II or earn a better grade by retaking the class. This course, focusing on developing the basic skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing, integrates the study of grammar and vocabulary with aspects of the Hispanic culture. Students write compositions and present dialogues, which apply the grammar and vocabulary studied in each lesson.

Spanish II Review
Prerequisite: Spanish II
In Spanish II there is daily integration of the four linguistic skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, with an increased focus on grammar and practical, high-frequency vocabulary. There is also integration of the culture of the daily lives of Spanish speakers and coverage of the entire Spanish-speaking world. Students are presented with ample guided, focused opportunities to interact in Spanish with classmates and the instructor, with the goal of establishing a solid base for clear self-expression.

Spanish III
Prerequisite: Spanish II
Grammar and vocabulary are advanced and reinforced through in-class discussions and topics such as health and fitness, ecology, the economy, technology, religion, politics and art. There is an increased focus on speaking, formal writing, analytical reading and cultural awareness.


*It is recommended that students take both semesters to ensure that they have a solid foundation of the material.

Algebra I Review
Prerequisite: Algebra I
This course is restricted to students who have already taken Algebra I and wish to become more proficient in it or earn a better grade by retaking the class. Included is the study of numbers, rules of algebra, linear equations and inequalities, exponents, polynomials, proportions and functions.

Algebra II Review
Prerequisite: Algebra II
The following topics are covered in the first half of the summer: solving linear equations and inequalities, solving systems of equations, factoring polynomials, exponent rules, graphing lines, and inequalities, finding the equation of a line. The second half includes the following topics: radical numbers, imaginary numbers, quadratic, polynomial, and rational functions, matrices, logarithms, and conic sections. The graphing calculator is used for some topics in the course.

Prerequisite: Algebra I
First-half topics include deductive reasoning, line and angle relationships, triangles, and congruence. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, logical thinking, and completeness of formal geometric proofs. Second-half topics include similarity, parallelograms, right triangles, circles, and planar and spatial measurement. Emphasis is placed on problem-solving skills in the considerable applications of geometric concepts and formulas for a wide variety of geometric figures.

Pre-Calculus Review
Prerequisite: Pre-Calculus
The first half of this course covers graph shifting and translations, combinations and compositions of functions, inverse functions, zeros, complex numbers, linear models, scatter plots, polynomials, rational functions, exponential functions, and logarithms. In the second half, trigonometry is stressed, including equations, identities, properties of multiple angles and the inverse trigonometric functions, laws of sines and cosines, DeMoivre’s Theorem and polar coordinates. Graphics utilities on the computer or calculator are incorporated into the course.


Physical Education and Health
Prerequisite: None
Designed for students who wish to fulfill the personal fitness and health component of their physical education requirement so that they can concentrate on academic electives in their ninth and tenth grade years. This course aims to encourage our students to pursue a healthy, physically active lifestyle. Traditional team sports and lifetime sports including badminton, team handball, floor hockey, indoor soccer and water polo make up the physical education component. The personal fitness/health semester will include reading assignments and quizzes, cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training as well as studies in all areas of health and nutrition.


No student may be absent more than two days and still receive full credit for an academic course. No student may be absent more than one day and still receive half credit for an academic course. Tardy policy: Students will be allowed four tardies. Points will be deducted from their grade for each tardy after that. This includes when students return from class breaks.

All parents are asked to pick up their children promptly during the summer session. Supervision is not provided and Tampa Prep cannot be responsible for students who are left unattended at the school.

Students will need an iPad for academic courses. Necessary resource materials will be announced in each class and will be the responsibility of the student.

Written evaluations will be provided by each instructor for all class work and grades will be granted for all credit courses, provided the student fulfills the course requirements and expectations. Grades and course comments will be forwarded to you at the completion of each “semester.” Non-Tampa Prep students must make arrangements with their current schools if they wish to transfer credit. All non-Tampa Prep students must submit their most recent transcripts with the registration form.

Dress during the summer session is casual. Jeans, shorts and T-shirts are permitted, as long as they are presentable and in good taste. While it is summer, students need to remember that Tampa Preparatory School conducts business all summer long.

No food or drink other than water is allowed inside any of the buildings.

All courses are subject to a minimum enrollment. Dates and times are subject to change. You will be notified of any change or cancellation to a course/camp to which your child is registered.

Payment is due with your registration form. A place will not be held for your student until all paperwork has been received. Acceptable methods of payment include eCheck or credit card.

Parents who wish to withdraw a student from a course or camp after May 1, 2021 will be assessed a 20% withdrawal fee.

NO refunds will be given after June 1, 2021Requests for tuition reimbursements should be directed to the Director of Summer Programs, Tammy Honegger at or by calling 813-251-8481 ext. 4009.



Art: Mix Media Fun June 14 – 18  Rising 3rd-5th 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. $175
Gearing up for 6th Grade June 14 – July 2 Rising 6th 8:30a.m.-10:30a.m. $900
Preparing for 6th Grade Math June 14 – July 2 Rising 6th 10:35a.m.-12:35p.m. $900
Reading, Grammar & Writing June 14 – July 2 Rising 7th/8th 10:35a.m.-12:35p.m. $900
Preparing for Algebra 1  June 14 – July 2 Rising 8th/9th 8:30a.m.-10:30a.m. $900
Intro to Freshman English  June 14 – July 2 Rising 9th 10:35a.m.-12.35p.m. $900
Chess   July 5 – 9 Rising 1st– 8th 9:00a.m.-3:00p.m.           $265
Changemakers: Reading and Writing to solve Real World Problems   July 5 – 23 Rising 6th/7th/8th 10:30a.m.-12:30p.m.           $900



Art: Mix Media Fun (Rising 3rd – 5th)

This exciting hands-on art camp teaches techniques of drawing, painting, sculpture, and printmaking through a variety of media that are appropriate for each grade level.

Chess (Rising 1st – 8th)

This enrichment camp is divided between learning and playing. Whether your child is a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, this chess camp is the place to learn and develop new strategies and advance existing skills while having fun!

Changemakers: Reading and Writing to solve Real World Problems (Rising 6th/7th/8th)

This course is an excellent option for active kids that want to do more hands-on, real-world learning but also need support with academic reading and writing. It will integrate problem-based learning, design thinking, and structured reading and writing support.  Over the 3 weeks, students will work to develop solutions to a social, community, or environmental problem, do authentic research and work with experts in the community. They will learn how to write persuasively and present their work in an exhibition.

Gearing up for 6th Grade (Rising 6th grade)

This study skills course better prepares students to face academic challenges of their new school and lowers their anxiety and dread of tests and examinations while making learning easier and more enjoyable. Specifically students learn: to make outlines for purposes of review, to take and organize adequate and appropriate notes, to prepare for tests in a non-stressful and productive manner. This course also helps students understand their summer reading in a structured environment with close supervision.

Preparing for 6th Grade Mathematics (Rising 6th grade)

This hands-on approach to math provides rising 6th grade students with an introduction to 6th grade math using tangrams, word problems, manipulatives, and cooperative games. The students will improve their understanding of geometry, fractions, probability, estimation, decimals and problem solving. Daily fact drills, games and small group-directed instruction will increase students’ proficiency in whole number operations as well.

Reading, Grammar & Writing (Rising 7th & 8th)

This course focuses on learning grammar and writing mechanics and working through the required summer reading. Students are challenged to recognize and correct spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and other grammatical errors in short humorous stories. In addition, creative writing helps strengthen writing skills and allows for both self editing and peer editing, as well as teaching students how to recognize and correct errors in their own writing.

Preparing for Algebra I (Rising 8th and 9th)

In this class, students learn mathematics vocabulary essential for their success in higher-level courses. Topics in this course include solving equations and inequalities, rational numbers, graphing, statistics, probability, linear equations and polynomials. The curriculum is adjusted to meet individual needs. The course incorporates the TI Graphing Calculator (TI-83). Students learn the functions of the calculator and how to use them to solve pre-algebra problems.

Introduction to Freshman English (Rising 9th)

This is a course in basic literary analysis. Using current summer reading lists, students practice analyzing plot, device and theme. Mastery of these skills is essential for success in English I. Students engage in reader response, formal writing and formal discussion. Students practice appropriate annotation skills in conjunction with close reading.



Robotics Courses offer children of all ages techniques from basic building skills to advanced programming.


Basic Engineering 1 & 2 June 7 – 11 8 yrs & up 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. $220
Bricks for Kids


June 7-11 6 yrs & up 9:00am – 12:00 pm 

9:00 am – 3:00 pm



Coding for Girls June 7 – 11 Rising 6th – 8th 9:00a.m.- 12:00p.m. $175
Intro to Robotics using EV3  June 14-18 9 yrs & up 9:00a.m.- 3:00p.m. $270
VEX IQ June 21-25 Rising 7th & up 9:00a.m.- 3:00p.m. $270
Arduino and C programming June 28 – July 2 Rising 7th & up  9:00 a.m. – 3:00 pm $265
Bricks for Kids

Game On 

July 12-16 6 yrs & up 9:00am – 12:00 pm 

9:00 am – 3:00 pm



Raspberry Pi & Python Camp July 12-16 Rising 7th & up 9:00a.m.- 12:00p.m. $175


Basic Engineering I & II Combo (Ages: 8 yrs and up) 

Basic Engineering I & II Combo class explores simple machines and adds the concept of motorization. Students will then take their knowledge of simple machines and expand into compound machines. Topics covered include structure and forces, levers, wheel and axles, pulley systems, steering systems, center of gravity, etc.

Introduction to Robotics using EV3 

(Ages: 9 yrs and up) 

This is the final core class that introduces students to robotics. Basic programming will be taught, and challenges will involve getting the robotics to accomplish missions by navigating correctly and engineering the appropriate manipulator to accomplish the tasks. Topics covered include programming, light sensor, touch sensor, wheeled and tracked robots, basis robot building with NXT, etc.

VEX IQ (for only 7th grade and up)

This is a programming camp using VEX IQ robots.   Students will be learning how to program and move the robots around and through this learn how to program in “C” language.   After they are comfortable with programming, they will be using the robots to solve exciting missions like mazes and line-following missions.

Arduino and C Programming (for 7th grade and up)

This camp is all about building circuits and learning how to control those electronics with C Programming.  We will have a lot of projects with LED lights and buzzers and twist knobs.  We will also build an Arduino-controlled robot and make it move around.  This camp is for someone who likes to tinker.  You will leave with a notebook on how to get started on this great hobby.

The Bricks Shop LEGO® Brick-Tacular Theme Mashup Camp!

The Bricks Shop is back with your favorite and UPDATED camp of the summer! Our LEGO® Brick-tacular Theme Mashup Camp!

But this summer, we have added a whole bunch of new themes to the mix! We of course will have our classics like MINECRAFT, STAR WARS, Superheroes, Harry Potter, and Pokémon, but we have added some new themes like Beyblades, Fortnite, Roblox, The Mandalorian, Super Mario Bros, and much more!

Campers will experience a different LEGO® theme each day. Your Master Builder will have a chance to create motorized robotic models, 3D color brick builds, LEGO® mosaic art, and learn different design and building techniques using LEGO® bricks! Have fun building LEGO® spinners from Beyblades, Batman’s Batwing, Minecraft Creepers, or a Fortnite Break-dancer one day, then conjure up magical potions with the wizards at Hogwarts the next! Can’t decide which you like more? Join us for this super fun LEGO® Camp and try them all! 

The Bricks Shop LEGO® Game On Camp!

 Today it’s all about the world of online video games and apps. The Bricks Shop wants to bring the digital world to life with the use of LEGO® bricks! In this hands-on summer camp, campers will bring popular games based on themes like Super Mario Bros, Beyblades, Minecraft, Pokémon, Roblox, and Fortnite to life through the use of our LEGO® robots, LEGO® mosaics, and LEGO® 3D art! We will also bring back some of Nintendo and SEGA classic themes such as Pacman, Contra, NBA Jams, Zelda, Duck Hunt, and Sonic the Hedgehog! Each day will be a new adventure as the virtual and LEGO® worlds combine! 

Coding for Girls (Rising 6th – 8th grades)

This introductory course will showcase different programming techniques ranging from block-based drag and drop programming to text-based programming.  Students will be introduced to various programming languages and tools and will learn a few of the basics along the way.  This is suitable for new programmers.

Raspberry Pi and Python Camp (Rising 7th grade and up)

This introductory course will introduce students to Python programming on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer.  We will explore coding for Minecraft on the Raspberry Pi and try other fun coding activities!



Tampa Prep Sports Camps are fun, active programs designed for both beginning and advanced players. Each camp is focused on building and refining skills at all levels. Campers will be given individual and group instruction to enhance their skills. They will develop personal and social skills through teamwork and build character and life skills through sports. Our outstanding, highly qualified instructors and state of the art facilities combine to provide a positive, fun and safe experience for all campers.  

All Sports June 1 – 4 Rising 3rd – 6th 9:00a.m.- 3:00p.m. $200
Cheerleading June 1 – 4 Rising 1st – 5th 9:00a.m.- 3:00p.m $200


Volleyball – All Skills June 1 – 4  Rising 5th – 9th  9:00a.m.- 11:30a.m. $190
Volleyball – All Skills July 21 – 23  Rising 6th – 12th 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.  $150


Rowing – Learning June 7-11 Rising 6th – 12 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. $250
Rowing – Learning June 14-18 Rising 6th – 12 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. $250
Rowing -Experienced June 21-25 Rising 6th – 12 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. $250
Rowing -Experienced June 28-July 2 Rising 6th – 12 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. $250

Weeks 1-2: Learn-to-Row Camps

8:00-11:30am Monday-Friday. We will use the facilities over at the Julian B. Lane Park and the Tampa River Center boathouse for these camps. All middle school to high school students are welcome, regardless of rowing experience! Learn-to-Row camps are the perfect introduction to the sport of rowing. We will begin to learn the rowing stroke technique on land using the indoor rowing machines before launching on the Hillsborough River in 8-person and 4-person boats! By the end of a week, every athlete should feel they have a solid foundation of the rowing stroke. 


Weeks 3-4: Experienced Camps

8:00-11:30am Monday-Friday as well, utilizing the same facilities at Julian B. Lane and TRC boathouse. Any middle schooler or high schooler with rowing experience is welcome to sign on. This camp will be focused on improving each athlete’s technique and fitness in the context of the sport. We will be spending time on the water in a variety of boat sizes and athletes should expect a mix of physiologically intense workouts with easier, technically-focused drilling days mixed in. Overall, this camp is suited for anyone trying to grow in or perfect their craft of rowing!


Before Care and After Care is offered for the convenience of our parents who need to drop their campers off before 9:00 a.m. or pick them up after 3:30 p.m. This is a free play time for campers. Before Care and After Care take place in the gymnasium. Before Care begins at 8:00 a.m. and After Care ends promptly at 5:00 p.m.


Is your child signed up for an Enrichment, Robotics course or Sport Camp and wants to stay all day? Camp Terrapin Half-Day allows your child to attend a half-day course or camp and then attend Camp Terrapin in the afternoon. Campers will be placed with their age-appropriate group after lunch and experience all the fun Camp Terrapin has to offer!


Want to be a Camp Counselor?
Camp counselors are college students or existing teachers who must apply and interview with the Director of Summer Programs. All applicants must successfully complete a background check before being hired. 2021 Camp Terrapin Counselor Application

Want to be a Junior Counselor?  FULL FOR SUMMER 2021
Junior counselors are volunteer high school students (entering 9th-12th). Junior counselors must attend a training session before volunteering at camp. Parent approval and teacher recommendation are required.