Just like our school, our students are continually growing, changing and evolving. The College Counseling Office at Tampa Prep is the ideal place for these evolving students to find encouragement, acceptance, empowerment and quite often . . . homemade cookies. We pride ourselves on the relationships formed with students throughout our four-year college counseling curriculum. Through special programming, faculty advising, and class seminars taught by staff and industry professionals, we have instilled the importance of self-advocacy, deadlines and organizational skills. By senior year, students are equipped with the knowledge and self-awareness to take the lead on the final leg of their journey to adulthood, to make informed decisions about their academic futures, and to find a collegiate environment where they will thrive.

12 Ways Our College Counseling Office Inspires Next

  1. Our counselors have experience as both college counselors and as senior-level admission officers at colleges and schools across the country.
  2. 100% of graduates are placed in four-year colleges, many with substantial scholarship awards.
  3. Early college awareness and readiness discussions with college counselors begin in Middle School and continue through grade 10.
  4. One-on-one advisement begins in grade 11 and continues through grade 12 to support all phases of the college application process and ensure informed, strategic decision-making.
  5. Test prep strategy sessions and practice test dates available throughout the school year.
  6. Freshmen and sophomores meet individually with college counselors regarding course selection.
  7. Over 140 college reps visit our campus and meet with students each year.
  8. A 30:1 college counselor-to-student ratio means students and their parents get the personal support and attention they need to be clear, confident and empowered throughout the entire college admission process.
  9. College Counseling coordinates with the Tampa Prep English department to support a college essay writing program in the spring of junior year.
  10. Grade-level “College Counseling Coffees” throughout the year allow parents to get age-appropriate information on college related topics such as financial planning, college readiness, college search and growth mindset.
  11. Summer application boot camps and essay support are available.
  12. Did we mention the homemade cookies?

“Some college preparatory schools prey on parents’ desires to see their children get into the highest ranked schools. The college counseling professionals at Tampa Prep helped my kids find the best schools for them. Their focus was always on my daughter–not a ranking or a survey. Both of my daughters graduated from Tampa Prep prepared to succeed in college, one at the University of Florida and one at the University of Notre Dame. As I have watched their classmates enter and graduate from college, move on to higher degrees and successful professional careers, I marvel at the foundation of academic rigor and personal growth that Tampa Prep provided.”

– Laurel Fredlake, Board Member, mother of Grace ‘09 and Hannah ‘15


The best way to experience Tampa Preparatory School is to visit our campus and meet our students and faculty. Or come see what we’re all about at one of our upcoming admission events. We’re excited to meet you!