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Faculty Staff Rodriguez Melanie

Melanie Rodriguez

Assistant to the Director of Finance and Operations


I absolutely love working at Tampa Prep. I’ve been here since 2004! I wake up each morning excited to start my day and am eager to see what is in store for me. My job comes with numerous tasks and duties but there is one in particular I have connected with. I am the head of the Wellness Committee for the faculty and staff. Promoting health and wellness allows me to have fun and be creative. It is rewarding to help influence healthy behaviors and habits. My goal is to help bring a little extra happiness to each member of our faculty and staff. Happiness and smiles are contagious, and it is incredible to watch teachers carry it into their classrooms. In my free time I enjoy training for long distance running, reading a good book, and spending time with my family. We can usually be found at the ballpark, on the beach, on the boat or at the pool.