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high school students entering Tampa Prep school lobby with backpacks on

Walk the halls of Tampa Prep, and you’ll feel joy, energy, and excitement. While the classrooms have walls of glass, students don’t get distracted by what’s happening in the hall. They’re “all in” for class. They’re using new technology, exploring new worlds, creating. They’re collaborating. Listening. Learning from each other, and trying new things. They’re fearless and joy-filled because that’s the unspoken commandment here. Relax. Try. Learn. Enjoy. Grow.

This overwhelming willingness to try new ideas is inspired by the encouragement and support from the administration for innovation in the classroom. For anything that better serves the students.

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Welcome to Florida’s Most Innovative School, where we can promise an environment carefully crafted to elevate your learning experience and challenge you in ways that a more conventional environment cannot.

Geoff Guidera Tampa Prep Board of Trustees

“As downtown Tampa becomes more innovative, creative and distinctive, we can look right across the river and see something that’s been on that path for quite awhile–Tampa Prep.”

– Geoff Guidera ‘95, Board Member

As Tampa Bay’s educational thought leaders,
we are the only private school in the Bay that…

Changed our start time to 8:50a.m. based on research of the teenage brain.

Created a virtual and augmented reality IDEA Lab and curriculum.

Requires seniors to complete a three-week professional internship before graduation.


Upper School Math

“I don’t see myself as teaching just math, but also to understand what it means to be a good human. One of the things that can fall by the wayside is gratitude. So every month I have my students write a letter to someone in their life who has positively affected them, tell them why, and thank them for it.”


Middle School Spanish and French

“Learning a new language is like learning to be a contortionist, but for your brain. You twist it and fold it in new ways that give you new perspectives on the world. It helps you get into cultural and personal spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible!”


Middle School History & Social Sciences

“In Geography, I get to open my students’ minds to other countries and cultures, but that’s just one part of the job. I also teach them life skills. Some co-workers and I developed Middle School Games, an annual, two-day event where student teams compete in cross-curricular challenges that require them to problem solve, collaborate, communication and be creative in a way that isn’t possible in the traditional classroom setting.”


The best way to experience Tampa Prep is to visit our campus and meet our students and faculty. Or come see what we’re all about at one of our upcoming admission events. We’re excited to meet you!

Matthew Lagowski-Timoszuk ‘18

Letter from a Tampa Prep Alumnus to his Underclassmen

Dear Upper School,

My name is Matthew Lagowski-Timoszuk, and I recently graduated from Tampa Prep with the Class of 2018. I wanted to write this email to let all of you know how Tampa Prep is as a school, given some early experience from someone who is now a college student.

I’ll begin with a very brief backstory. I transferred to Tampa Prep in my sophomore year and was hit hard by the workload and high standards of the school. I was overwhelmed and strongly considered transferring back to my other school after the end of my sophomore year, but a part of me told me to stay, and so I did.

I now see that decision as one of the best decisions I have made . . . my academic life was the greatest it had ever been. The dedication your teachers have towards the subjects they teach and the immense consideration and care they give to all of you is a debt that can never be repaid, and I will always be grateful to my former teachers for the amazing people they were and still are. Despite the academic disagreements that I’d often get into with them, they gave me respect. So I respected, and still respect, them.

College can be less forgiving, as I’ve discovered not far away at University. Your professors may be less considerate . . . express an opinion and try to convey it as a fact, and have no care to work you through something if there is a clear misunderstanding . . . My point is, your teachers at Tampa Prep are considerate; they will work you through something if there is confusion, and they respect your opinions at the end of the day.

Don’t ever take for granted the time you spend at Tampa Prep, for it is truly an experience that can be found nowhere else and will change your life for the better if you let it.


Matthew Lagowski-Timoszuk ‘18