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F Beekman Suzanne

Suzanne L. Beekman

Science, STEM Concentration Coordinator

Suzanne Beekman

Prior to starting my teaching career, I was a co-owner of a small locksmith business in Asheville, North Carolina. I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Physics in 2006, and worked towards my Master of Art degree in Teaching that included graduate coursework and research in physics. I began teaching for the Hillsborough County Public School System in August 2010, and earned my first Masters in May 2011.

During the three years teaching at the county, I also taught Physics II to pre-med students at Hillsborough County Community College as an adjunct professor. In August 2013, I began teaching Physics and Advanced Calculus with Vector Analysis at Tampa Preparatory School.In May 2016, I earned a second Masters degree in Instructional Design and Technology (ID&T). I have applied some of the techniques learned within the ID&T program to convert the physics course from a traditional learning environment to a blended learning environment. The course is delivered 25% online and 75% face-to-face. Lectures are delivered online though a learning management system (LMS)prior to face-to- face meetings.

Motivational design and backwards design are strategies I use to promote effective instruction. My course structures are designed to engage, motivate, and provide relevance for learners. Course content is designed with the end in mind to provide an organized, well-structured learning environment that will promote learner engagement and meet learning objectives.