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F Bahtic Michelle

Michelle Bahtic



After teaching public high school for seven years, I decided to take on a new challenge middle school. My passion is reading! I love being transported to new places, learning about life experiences I otherwise would not be able to experience and making connections to the world around me. I love sharing that passion with others, which is why I decided on teaching as a profession. I have taught at both the high school (9th, 11th, and 12th grade English and AP English) and middle school levels (6th and 7th grade). I have enjoyed all ages, and I have learned many things from my students. Teaching at Tampa Prep allows me to create meaningful learning experiences. My careful planning and integrated curriculum allows students to create their own learning through content, while incorporating important life skills.

Outside of teaching, my main focus is my family. I really enjoy raising my two amazing daughters, who have opened up a whole new perspective for me when it comes to teaching. I also enjoy traveling with my immediate and extended family, teaching my children about the world, reading a good book ie especially if it involves a love story, capturing memories through words and photographs and trying out new recipes.