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Lisa Harman

Dean of Students


Lisa Harman

I love working at Tampa Prep, and I love working with the freshmen class! It is wonderful to start each year welcoming a new group to the high school experience. In the classroom, I use the Harkness method of discussion to encourage students to think critically, analyze ideas and form their own opinions. I relish the small class setting at Tampa Prep, which allows me to lead a class discussion and give students the control, rather than lecturing at them for 55 minutes.

It is important to me to show students that I am not the only person with information or opinions about the history we study! This format helps students learn how to be respectful of views with which they do not agree. Presenting and defending an opinion both orally and in writing are crucial skills which we work on all year. Of course, I also hope to foster an enjoyment of History! In addition to teaching, I serve as the faculty advisor to Student Council. I am a co-advisor for the Freshmen Orientation program.

I have coached Middle School sports, and I am always a cheerleader for athletics and extra-curricular activities! I was awarded a Grady Grant in 2012 to work on advising and curriculum programs. In my free time, I most enjoy spending time with my husband, daughter, and son (I have pictures!) and our two dogs. I like running, biking, and reading. I am an identical twin, and we stay in touch with FaceTime and our never-ending quest to find funny greeting cards to send to each other.