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Erin Mona



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I am lucky enough to work alongside colleagues that inspire me to grow and students who continue to educate me here at Prep. Everyday I am thankful to have the opportunity to discuss literature and the human experience with my kids. I enjoy working with young people because they are creative, uninhibited, and colorful. I love reading and discussing texts from all over the world but my favorite area of study is American literature. I also enjoy assisting students with the writing process and helping them view themselves as writers. It is important to leave high school as a confident communicator.

In college and in the real world, students will find writing to be a valuable tool. As a military brat I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I always love to join in on travel experiences with my family and friends but also with students when possible. It is rewarding to show them new places, give them a chance to do community service, and partake in exciting adventures! Outside of school I love spending time with my family and friends. I also love to cook, play games, explore outdoors, and read!

I have been teaching upper school English since 2011 in both the Tampa area and New York City. In addition to my role as an educator, I spend the Fall season coaching the varsity swim team. As a mother as of August 2017, I have become an even more well-rounded teacher. I do my best to see my students through the loving eyes of a parent as I would hope my daughter’s teachers will do.