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Doug Smith

History and the Social Sciences Department Chair


Doug Smith

I enjoy teaching because it is rewarding — it allows me to make a difference. I have practiced law, I spent some time on Capitol Hill and I even played some professional soccer. None of those experiences have been as rewarding as teaching.

One of the great things about teaching at Tampa Prep is that many of the classes are taught in collaborative environments; environments in which faculty and students learn together, debate together and discuss ideas collectively. In this environment, I truly get to know my students. Although we address and focus on some “big picture” themes during our class discussions, my students are also expected to learn important details related to American History and American Government. The most gratifying part of this process, of course, is not when my students become comfortable enough with the material to merely regurgitate or memorize it. Rather, the reward comes when I know that my students can offer their own opinions on the material, expound on the topics we’ve covered, and apply the concepts we’ve learned to contemporary issues and concerns. I therefore hope that my students leave my classes as more knowledgeable citizens and as students who will have become better equipped to solve the problems of the 21st Century.

Outside the classroom, I spend most of my free time with my wife and three boys. Any leftover free time is reserved for soccer!

  • Mr. Smith is the Varsity Boys Soccer Coach