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Faculty Staff Hill Andrew

Andrew Hill

History and the Social Sciences, Humanities Concentration Coordinator


I began my independent school career more than 20 years ago as an Admissions Officer and dorm parent at a 400 student, co-ed boarding school called Berkshire School in western Massachusetts. As the product of an independent boarding school education myself, I could think of no better career path. Five years later I moved to Tampa and took up duties as Director of Admission and Financial Aid at Tampa Prep. After five years in that role I spent an additional three years as the Dean of Students in the Upper Division.

Then in 2006, I made the major life decision to follow my heart and secured a full-time teaching position in the History department. Not only has this move allowed me to do what I love — spend time teaching kids it has also afforded me the time to invest in my family. During my years as a teacher I have taught ninth and tenth grade World History, U.S. History and Journalism. I have coached Middle School soccer and am currently the advisor to the school’s Model United Nations group. Given that my wife Mary Beth teaches at Prep and that we have guided three children through seven years each at Tampa Prep, it is safe to say that our family is immersed in the Prep culture and after so many years, I would have it no other way!