Chelsea Nauta '07 addressing the Class of 2018



By being a Tampa Prep alum, you’re already a member of our Alumni Association–now more than 3,500 strong–and you have access to a wide array of on- and off-campus events, a monthly e-newsletter, an alumni-specific social media presence, and so much more! Throughout the year, alumni play an important role in Tampa Prep traditions like the Alumni Back-to-School Reunion, Headmasters’ Challenge and so much more. Beyond those, the Development Office offers ample opportunity for our alumni of all ages to connect, engage, network and, above all, have fun with fellow Terrapins!

As President of the Alumni Association Board, I personally invite you to attend one of our events throughout the year and reconnect with us! Recent events include:

  • Alumni reunions at the beginning and end of each school year
  • Alumni teams for the Golf Outing
  • A holiday party in downtown Tampa
  • Baseball games
  • Class-specific get-togethers
  • Craft beer tastings
  • Alumni tables at the Gala
  • Regional gatherings

We also love hosting alumni on campus at all school concerts, performances and athletic events, so come see what your favorite faculty and coaches are working on now! Check the School Calendar for upcoming events.

Chelsea Nauta ‘07, President of the Alumni Association Board, pictured above giving a speech at the Class of 2018 Commencement at the Straz Center for the Arts.


Just like Lee, we hope you’ll tell us what you’ve been up to! Engaged members of the Alumni Association work closely with the School’s Development Office to provide you with opportunities of interest both socially and professionally. Got a new job or position? Got engaged? Got married? Had a baby? Want to tell us what you miss most or how Prep helped you grow? Join the Tampa Prep Network or email mmorrison@tampaprep.org.

Other Ways to Get Involved

Please contact Maggie Morrison, Director of Donor Engagement, at mmorrison@tampaprep.org to learn more about the opportunities below.

  • Host a senior intern
  • Sit on an alumni panel
  • Be part of a career-focused lunch with College Counseling
  • Attend an athletic event
  • Attend an arts event
  • Present an alumni award at an end-of-year award ceremony or Senior Celebration
  • Host an alumni event
  • Coach a sport
  • Sponsor a student club
  • Support Tampa Prep by sponsoring an event or contributing to the Annual Fund through the Red & Gold Society


When I remember my days at Tampa Prep, I remember the teachers who cared about me. Tampa Prep teachers don't want to see a student fail, and they do everything they can to help. I also credit an alumni networking connection for my current project, Hall on Franklin. After graduation, I played basketball overseas and eventually I came back to Tampa looking to work while I applied to law schools. I started working at a company named Realnet that would buy and flip "ugly" houses to investors for a finder's fee. I ended up flipping over 150 houses before branching out and starting my own real estate firm. Ultimately, if you're finding houses for people you might as well finance the transaction, so I then started a mortgage company.

Jamal Wilson '93Real Estate Investor and founder of Hall on Franklin in Tampa Heights

In high school minutes moved slower than molasses; now I blink and a half a decade is over. I donate to Tampa Prep because I'd give anything to go back to those painfully slow adolescent moments that truly mattered. I donate to Tampa Prep because this institution makes the most of every moment for each Terrapin. I donate so students can think beyond the correct answer; create masterpieces in clay, equations, melodies and test tubes; be themselves with confidence as they foster friendships; aspire to excellence through adversity and to go beyond the walls on West Cass Street with a sense of purpose. I donate to Tampa Prep because each of these five pillars provided the foundation for where I am today.

Grace Fredlake '09Customer Account Manager—Natural & Organic Portfolio at General Mills

I first came to Prep as a student only a few years after we immigrated from Russia to the U.S., and we were still going through very rough times. My family was amazed that not only was I admitted but I received the financial assistance I needed. Tampa Prep gave me a good early push toward my career path as a college professor and researcher, for which I am grateful. While there are many great causes in the world, I've come to realize that education is the one closest to my heart. My donation to the Annual Fund will help today's Tampa Prep students achieve their goals.

Zak Mesyan '97Associate Professor of Mathematics, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Even though I am no longer in Tampa, I give to Prep because I feel that the school and the coaches and teachers associated with the school gave a tremendous amount to me during a very formative stage of my life. Part of my experience was made possible by the donations of others. As time has passed, I have continued to realize how much value I received from my Tampa Prep experience and I feel that contributing what I can to help provide a similar experience for others is the right thing to do.

Steve Trundle '86President and CEO, Alarm.com

I have fond memories of friends and faculty from Tampa Prep and I believe the school prepared me well for college and beyond. I hope my contribution helps ensure the school can continue providing a rigorous, diverse and caring environment for many students in the future as well.

Jay Wiley, '96Enterprise Service Sales Executive, Vology