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Discover Tampa Prep

Middle School girl looking at a friend in science class

Depending on who you are and where you are from, you may associate “college preparatory” with a conventional, inflexible approach to education. But as the only grades 6-12 college prep school in Tampa, we are redefining “prep” as a dynamic, progressive approach to education. One that provides its students with a foundation or preparation for life in all ways–from how we treat others, to how we learn, to how we as individuals can make an impact.

We believe in preparation for life, with a higher purpose than self.

We want you to think, create, be yourself, aspire to excellence, go beyond . . . and to start right here on our downtown campus as a member of the only private school in Tampa Bay specifically serving grades 6-12.

Our students are promised a school that is carefully crafted to elevate their learning experience and challenge them in ways that more traditional environments cannot. We’re not afraid to shake things up if it means a better, smarter journey, and we’re proud to call ourselves Florida’s Most Innovative School.


Here are some of the ways we’ve embraced the absolute best practices for our students:

Delayed School Start Time

8:50 a.m. to whenever. We looked at brain-based studies and determined that later mornings are more compatible with teens’ natural body clocks. So we pushed our start time to 8:50 a.m.

Wellness Seminars

Topics span stress management, relationships, building true happiness, social media mistakes and how to come back from them, the power of words and labels, exam prep, mindfulness, communication and more.

Active Learning Environments (ALE)

Spaces designated to facilitate trusting relationships between faculty and peers. Teachers with mics. Lights that don’t buzz.

Flipped Classroom

Our classrooms are not like other classrooms. We flipped them. Made our desks into mobile think tanks. Gave the teacher a mic, projectors and the ability to bring the whole world into first period.

Faculty Interviews

Our students are involved in the interview process for faculty. What other school takes student feedback into account during the hiring process?

Athletics Built into the Schedule

The last period of the day in Middle School is for athletic team practices or conditioning. This ensures every student has access to all our athletic facilities, and plays on a team at least once per year.

Senior Internships

During the final weeks of school, all seniors obtain an internship which provides an opportunity to practice resume-writing, interviewing, time management and working in a professional environment while strengthening the School’s downtown partnerships.


Most classes begin with some form of meditation to calm the mind and promote focus.

Culture of Creativity

There’s a palpable culture of creativity and innovation here. The willingness of faculty and administration to try new ideas bleeds into the student mindset. This school is where impossible becomes possible.