Thanks to all who attended the 2020 Tampa Prep Gala! We are so grateful to everyone who supported the event! We are thrilled to announce that we raised over $500,000 to support Tampa Prep’s mission. We are incredibly appreciative of the community’s generosity and hope to see you again next year!

View our digital program showcasing our sponsors here!


After Party Sponsor
The Winters Family

Gold Sponsors
Michael & Ramona Shimberg

Bronze Sponsors

Bob & Jalena Bradley
Thomas & Megan Feindt
Tom & Shannon Mahaffey
Jennifer ’88 & Allison Mook
The Family of Demosthenes Vazquez ’22

Terrapin Sponsors
AGW Capital Advisors/Paul ’86 & Dana Whiting
Danahy & Murray/Matt ’79 & Lori Danahy & Dave & Kim Murray
Mike & Kim Foley

Red & Gold Sponsors
Rick & Elizabeth Fueyo
R.J. & April Haughey

Entertainment Sponsor
Maureen Ayral
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Fields/Fields Union Trust

Beverage Sponsor
Kent & Stephanie Bailey

Music Sponsor

Jessica & Jonathan Forman

Photography Sponsor
Heather & Robert Curtis
Hepner Architects Inc.

Theme/Decor Sponsor
BEMER Group-Better Circulation. Better Health. Better Life.

Ad Sponsor
Peter & Sharon Lopez/Brandon Orthopedics
Live the Dream Travel

Ticket Sponsor
John Basile
Leah & Chris Carden
Client Centric Advisors
The Delvecchio Family
Michael & Tiffany DeMarcay
David & Jeanne Doney
Andrew & Angela Duncan
Espino-Maya Family/Tower Radiology
Craig ’06 & Karley Federer
Geoff Guidera ’95 & David Schintzius
Scott & Kristina Isacksen
Steven & Jodi Jacolow
Bob & Kasey Shimberg Kelly
Janet & David Kumpu
Tony & Dina Muniz
Donald Murray & Wayne Spiwak
Jim Powell
The Prakash Family/Tower Radiology
Retina Vitreous Associates of Florida
Tim & Courtney Schar
Stephen & Joanna Segundo
Al & Fran Silva
John & Susannah ’87 Smith
Jon & Margarite Solomon
Colyer Sigety ’08
Bob & Cathy Smith
Street Laced Marketing and Promotions Inc.
Patricia & Jack Thompson
Scott & Carrie White