Senior Year Info

Important Dates for Seniors

PLEASE NOTE: The timeline for all events will be evaluated to ensure each can be conducted safely, thus all events are subject to change. Some will happen as planned, some may be postponed, others may become virtual. Please thoroughly read all emails from the School for updates, and rest assured we will make this a very special year for our seniors!

August 2020

  • Paint the Rock
  • 6-Word Memoir
  • Senior Sunrise pancake breakfast

October 2020 Senior Dads Breakfast

December 2020 3# Project

January 2021 Senior Yearbook Tributes due

February 2021 Senior Skip Day

March 2021

  • Spring Break
  • Upper School Societies’ Induction Assembly
  • Senior Beach Day, Tradewinds Island Resort (not a parent event)

April 2021

  • Senior Moms’ Luncheon
  • Choose Senior Internship Sponsor (turn green form into advisor)
  • Prom
  • Senior Day / Yearbook Day / Rock the Lot / Last Day of Classes for Seniors (not a parent event)

April – May, 2021 Senior Internships

May 2021

  • AP Exams
  • Senior Celebration Dinner
  • Graduation

Senior Year FAQ

» Senior Pictures

Seniors should have completed or at least booked their portrait session. If they have not, they should contact Studio Artistry as soon as possible, 813-873-7959.

» How do I place a Yearbook Tribute / Ad?

Click the Yearbook tab in this section of the portal for details.

» Graduation Announcements, I don’t have any, should I have already ordered them?

An option for ordering graduation announcements is Balfour. Balfour visited Tampa Prep seniors to hand out information and order packets for school rings and graduation announcements. These may be ordered online at If you have questions please visit Balfour’s website for answers.

» Graduation Announcements, I ordered them from Balfour, how will I get them?

Announcements that are ordered through Balfour will be delivered to Tampa Prep. Once they arrive, Mrs. Steel will email the Seniors to let them know the announcements can be picked up in her office.

» What is Senior Skip Day?

Seniors are not required to attend school. Instead this is a day for them to “legally” skip their classes. If Seniors would like to or need to attend school, they are welcome to attend.

» What is Senior Beach Day?

Seniors come to school at the normal time, depart school around 9:00 a.m. and will be taken to the Tradewinds Resort on St. Pete Beach. Beach attire, with appropriate cover up, should be worn. Don’t forget sunscreen. A beach-side buffet lunch will be served. Seniors will return to school by the end of the school day.

» Senior Mom’s Luncheon…. who, what, where?

This luncheon has become a popular tradition for the Senior moms and is a great opportunity to socialize and reminisce. The 2021 lunch is TBD. This event is sponsored by TPPA, and organized by Junior parents. Dress is business casual.

» What is Senior Day/Yearbook Day?

Senior Day/Yearbook Day is the last regular day of classes for Seniors. Seniors begin the day by decorating their cars in the parking lot. They will practice for graduation, receive their cap and gown, and enjoy an all-school cookout. At 1:00 p.m. the entire school will meet in the gym where Seniors announce the college they will attend and get called down to the gym floor. The yearbook slide show is enjoyed and then yearbooks are passed out.

» AP Exams

AP Exams are held at Tampa Prep.

» Senior Celebration

Traditionally, senior parents, seniors, close relatives and guests are invited to come to Armature Works (1910 N. Ola Avenue, Tampa) to enjoy an evening of talent, awards and dinner. There is no charge for seniors, but family members and guests will be charged $50 per person. There will not be assigned seating. Seating will be done on a first come, first served basis. Pre-purchased tickets are required for this event. A link to purchase tickets will be shared later in the year. The 2021 Senior Celebration is TBD.

» Senior Internships

Successful completion of the Senior Internship Program is a requirement of graduation. Starting in January, Seniors will be counseled through the process of finding and preparing for internships. Information about Senior Internships will be mailed home to families of Seniors in January. Seniors will also learn details about the program during class seminar time. Ideally, Seniors should have committed to an internship early in the spring. The calendar (green sheets with calendar and sponsor information) should be turned into Senior Advisors by the deadline noted above. Seniors will intern for a total of 70 hours (less 10 hours for each AP class being taken). Please talk with your senior’s advisor if more information is needed. Additionally, it is mandatory that Seniors blog each week of their Internship.

» Graduation Information

Cap, Tassel and Gown: should I have already ordered them?

We have already measured for and ordered Seniors’ cap, tassel and gown. The Seniors will receive their cap, tassel and gown on Senior Day. Please hang the gown up and air it out. You will keep the cap and gown, tassel and if earned and received, honor cord.

What should Seniors wear to Graduation?

Beneath their gowns, girls can wear nice skirts and blouses or dresses; boys can wear a jacket, tie and slacks. No flip-flops or athletic shoes may be worn.

Should my Senior have a special cord for being Cum Laude or in a Concentration?

There is no cord for Cum Laude. Honor cords for Concentrations will be handed out the day of graduation.

Where and what time is Graduation?

Graduation time and location for 2021 is TBD.

How many guests can I invite to attend Graduation?

This is TBD for 2021.

I have more questions about Graduation. Who do I contact?

Please email Kristy Steel at or call 813-251-8481 x 4053.