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F Segesdy Derek

Derek Segesdy



Derek comes to Prep from the Pomfret School in CT. Derek’s career to date falls deeply into the camp of “triple threat,” as a teacher, coach and jack of all trades at a school. At a previous stop he created the school’s maker space, and at all stops, he has been an exemplary teacher and coach. Derek has also presented at a number of conferences, thus he will be a welcome colleague joining the ranks of presenters already at Prep. His teaching philosophy “centers around how important I believe it is to engage my students in ways that motivate them, that keep them on the edge of their comfort level and that encourage them to take ownership of their learning.” That sounds incredibly familiar to all Prep teachers as they are values deeply held across our institution. Derek’s skillset and teaching experiences are a welcome addition to our Science department.  Derek received his Master of Science in Forensic Science from Arcadia University and his Bachelor of Science (Physics Major) from Allegheny College.