The Tampa Prep Parent Experience

Parents are an Integral Part of the Tampa Prep Community

Through the Tampa Prep Parents Alliance (TPPA), parents and guardians partner with the school to volunteer and provide support for activities, events and programs. The partnership between Prep and our families is vital for student success, so all parents and guardians are automatically members of the TPPA.

Raising Adults

It is important to note that Tampa Prep is also a place for students to transition into becoming self-advocates in an age-appropriate way. Beginning in ninth grade, our faculty advisors and administrative deans partner with students and encourage them to seek help and solve problems on their own (or with the support of a faculty advisor) before asking parents to get involved.

The ultimate goal of this pro-child approach to partnering is to prepare students to step onto a college campus fully confident to advocate for themselves, and able to thrive independently.

Students are at the center of our universe. As they mature, the adults in their lives should be satellites they can reach out to when needed, rather than moons that circle around them day after day.

“Our ultimate goal for our children is for them to find out who they are, what they’re good at, and what they want for life after college. We’re just along for the ride.” — 10th grade parent

The Tampa Prep Parent Alliance’s Parent Education Committee (PEC) brings in professional speakers throughout the year to discuss topics that benefit and educate parents with students in all grade levels. In the 2018-19 school year topics included: 

  • A Beginners Guide To Mindfulness: Helping You and Your Teenager Manage Stress and Anxiety with Dr. Karan Lamb and Tricia Schuster
  • What Every Parent Should Know with Dr. Mary Martinasek
  • Real World 101: What Colleges Want Your Kids To Know with Dr. Kerr Ramsey, Associate Vice President for Admissions at High Point University
  • How To Get a Job and Keep It (for students) with Ryan Barack
  • Teaching Teens How to Feed Themselves Food Culture with Krista Maddock
  • When Your Good Kid Makes a Bad Choice with criminal defense attorney Andrew Shein

Volunteer Opportunities, Special Interest Groups & Events

Committees on which to volunteer:

  • Hospitality Chairs
  • Faculty Appreciation
  • Parent Education Committee (PEC)
  • Headmasters’ Challenge
  • Community Service
  • End-of-Year BBQ
  • Grade-Level Representatives

Special Interest Groups to participate in:

  • Book Club. Meets once a month at school to discuss a book.
  • International Parents. Meets monthly at a home to share culture.
  • Terrapin Dads. Why let moms have all the fun? Once-per-semester socials and tailgates.
  • Outings Group. Explores Tampa Bay offerings via museums, kayaking, biking, etc.

Grade-level events to enjoy:

  • Grade-level Socials
  • Upper School / Middle School Student Lunch. Once per semester, parents provide a special treat or lunch for each grade level.
Megan Feindt TPPA President 2019-20

Welcome from the TPPA President

I came to Tampa Prep four years ago and never imagined I’d be the President of the Tampa Prep Parents Alliance (TPPA). When we were looking for a middle school, the biggest thing that attracted us to Prep was the culture, it’s diversity. After shadowing at Prep we didn’t go anywhere else, this was the only place we applied.

I so appreciate that the culture of Tampa Prep allows children to be who they are without fear, to be willing to take chances, knowing that it’s OK to change your mind. That’s not to say I am without fear. The challenge of raising kids and making sure that they’re raised to be good, kind, productive members of society–that’s a huge job, and I always worry I’m not doing it right.

Being at a place like Tampa Prep helps with that worry, though. The culture and the inclusiveness, the kindness that the kids show each other here is pretty remarkable. I don’t know what the magic is that happens here, but a lot of it has to do with the leadership and the personal interest they take in every student.

Megan Feindt, President of the TPPA