Athletic Training

Middle School girl getting her ankle taped by a Tampa Prep Athletic Trainer in the gym

A physically and mentally safe environment for student-athletes.

The foremost consideration of the Tampa Prep Athletics department is to provide a healthy, safe environment for our student-athletes. Our professionally licensed athletic trainers don’t just medically attend to and rehabilitate injuries and illnesses in a safe and confidential manner. They also educate and guide students to prevent the recurrence of future injuries.


Sports Medicine

A member of our sports medicine staff is present at every practices and home contests to evaluate the severity of any injuries and recommend care. Our trainers work hand-in-hand with student athletes and doctors to monitor the student’s rehabilitation. Once a student-athlete has regained strength and function they are allowed to return to their sport.

Tampa Prep also serves as a clinical site for the University of Tampa Athletic Training Education Program.

Students have the opportunity to advance their interests in this field by taking one of our Science courses in this area or joining the Medical Explorers Club:

  • Introduction to Sports Medicine and Athletic Training
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology
  • Applied Physiology and Neurology
  • Medical Explorers Club

Sports Psychology 

As The Most Innovative School in Florida, we continually lead the conversation on what is best for students. We are redefining success not just in the classroom, but also on the courts and fields. In 2018 we began incorporating the sports psychology used at NCAA Division 1 colleges and universities as well as on professional sports teams with every one of our athletes.

Our coaches are not screaming, “Get your head in the game!” What does that even mean? Instead, we are teaching our athletes about the mental shift and mental preparation required for successful games.

We started by hiring Brian Cain a Mental Performance Mastery (MPM) Coach to come in an work with our student-athletes. Cain works with Yale Lacrosse–which never won a championship until they integrated Cain’s strategy–the FSU Softball team and David Price, a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox of MLB. Cain works with no other school in the state of Florida.

Our coaches have access to each week’s lesson; you will see baseball players doing mental reps and with their eyes closed during practice standing still, doing visual imagery. VR Together, Athletic Director Chris Lavoie and the Tampa Prep coaching staff came up with 15 principles to which all athletes will strive.

Strength & Conditioning

At Tampa Prep, we offer our student-athletes a full strength and conditioning program with a  dedicated, certified strength and conditioning coach who is on site every day in our weight room. Our S&C Coach trains teams and individual athletes looking to get healthy and take it to the next level.

Our training programs are designed to build a foundation of proper flexibility, conditioning, speed and power in the weight room. To become a faster, more explosive athlete, the work begins here. Our program consists of:

  • Flexibility
  • Power Training
  • Strength Training
  • Conditioning

TERPS for life. That acronym is the mission of the Tampa Prep athletic program. It’s a promise to see the unlimited potential in every student-athlete. Every day. We are here to push them. Challenge them. Believe in them. And help them move the impossible into possible. We are Tampa Prep Terrapins, and our athletic program inspires the next great swimmers, ballers, runners and more.