Mission & Values

The mission of Tampa Preparatory School is embraced by the entire community and incorporated into the daily activities of the school. This theme resonates throughout each student’s years at Prep and becomes a source of pride for all Terrapins.

girl with backpack stands on downtown bridge


Tampa Prep is a place to

  • Think Where a rigorous grounding in skills and knowledge is just the beginning – where teachers and students share inquiry, reflection and analysis on the path to personal understanding.
  • Create – Where people celebrate the imagination in geometric proofs and formal essays, on canvas, computer and stage, in poetry readings and morning assemblies.
  • Be Yourself – Where people respect differences and can find their place in a diverse community.
  • Aspire to Excellence – Where students develop winning attitudes in academics, athletics and arts.
  • Go Beyond – Where Florida Keys, North Carolina mountains, museums, concert halls and community service become classrooms that foster deeper understandings of one’s self, others and the world.



Some of the ways our Core Values are reinforced:

  • Honor Code – The Honor Code at Tampa Prep supports the School’s mission to provide “a preparation for life with a higher purpose than self.” It was written by a team of students and faculty, and each student at Tampa Prep signs the Honor Code below:
    • As a member of the Tampa Prep community, I am responsible for upholding and promoting honesty, trust, respect and fairness in all venues of school life.
      I pledge to maintain personal and academic integrity and to support it in others.
      I solemnly promise to uphold my commitment to honor this code.
  • Conduct Review Board – A group of select high school students sit on a review board for honor code violations.
  • Class Seminars – During Upper School and Tampa Middle School advising, students participate in discussions and exercises focusing on character.
  • Peer Counselors – This group of select high school students meet with Middle School advising groups once per month and ninth grade students quarterly to serve as positive role models. They lead discussions on topics such as peer pressure, positive peer relations, success in school and the core values.
  • Service Projects – Numerous service projects are initiated by students through clubs, classes and individuals.
  • Harkness Discussions – This discussion method is used widely throughout the History and English department. It has an added benefit of modeling and reinforcing respect and consideration for the opinions and views of others through in-class scenarios involving ethical or moral dilemmas for discussion.