Meet Maiyah

Tampa Prep makes you better. The teachers allow you, and encourage you, to make mistakes and learn from them. My favorite subject is math because there are many ways to get the answer, but there is always only one answer. People say that Mr. DeTringo, my math teacher, is strict, but he has really made math fun for me and has pushed me to be better. So many people and experiences at Prep have taught me how to be a better student. Even on our eighth grade trip to Boston, I not only got to see firsthand the historical and literary people and places we were studying in class, but I also learned the importance of time management and how to keep up with school work while on a trip!

Doing well in school is important to me because my dad grew up in Tampa with not a lot, and education changed his life. He taught me that where you start doesn’t matter. As long as you focus on pursuing your dreams, you will land where you are supposed to be.

I hope to go to the University of Florida and become a sports medicine doctor. I love sports and biology and would like use both in my career. My godfather is a doctor and he went there, and now he has his own practice.

If I could give one piece of advice to new students coming to Prep, I would say to find the things you have in common, instead of focusing on the differences.

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Mr. John DeTringo on Maiyah

She’s probably one of the most motivated students I’ve ever had. She doesn’t settle for just what’s assigned, she’s always looking to go beyond. They’re supposed to do 10 Alecs (online Math quizzes) per week. She did 30-40/week in less than a semester. She’s pretty self motivated. She still comes to me now for coursework that her class hasn’t even gotten to yet because she’s working ahead.

She leads by example. She’s everything you’d want a student to be. She’s intelligent but more than that she’s hardworking and attentive in class. First to raise her hand and ask if she doesn’t understand something. Not afraid to admit she doesn’t understand something.

She’s a competitive person whether in class, in the pool or on the basketball court. She and several other students push each other to be the best in class.