Meet Jeycob

My dad is in the military so we’ve moved around a lot since I was little. I was born in Italy. I’ve been at Tampa Prep since sixth grade, though, and we’re not going anywhere.

I really appreciate the people at Tampa Prep. Most private schools don’t have a community of such diverse people. It’s modern–very different from other schools. We have a lot of technology and they’re always trying to renovate and bring new ideas and innovation into the school. Also, where we’re located in Tampa is really cool. We’re able to experience so much of what goes on downtown and it gives us opportunities to help others in the community. Like, I’ve gotten involved in Mayor’s Youth Corps and we do a lot of service through the city like organizing events at parks. I’ve always had this thought in my mind that when I grow up I want to be able to help people because that’s what makes me happy.

As far as teachers go, Mrs. Englenton has been the most influential for me. She’s my AP World History teacher this year and it’s a pretty hard class. She’s really knowledgeable in her subject, and she pushes us to be our best. There’s also a lot of life skills we learn in that class like the importance of doing things on time or being motivated and dedicated to something. That’s my greatest struggle right now–time management. I am doing a lot of extracurriculars, clubs inside and outside of school, AP classes. The biggest lesson I learned last week was not to wait until the last minute to do things!

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Mrs. Enaye Englenton on Jeycob

Jeycob is very interested in learning and very bright. He’s involved in a lot of things. He’s someone who doesn’t just say he’s interested in something–he gets involved and digs in. He has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve in the long run, and these last two years at Prep for him have been about learning how to manage his time and his work to take the steps toward achieving those goals.

This spring break he’s going on the trip to Morocco which I am chaperoning. A lot of his global perspective and interest in travel comes from his being a military kid and experiencing the world through that lens. I can relate to it because both my parents were Air Force–I was a military brat, too.

In general, the trips I do with the History department are about global awareness through travel. These trips take us off the beaten path. We’re able to get away from the touristy hotels and engage in the culture. And every trip has a service element to it. We’ll be doing some service work in the mountains with a Berber community in Morocco. It definitely pushes the kids outside their comfort zones. It helps them learn a deeper level of independence. I have a no-parent policy on trips to foster that independence.

On trips, Jeycob appreciates the humanities and has that global awareness. At school he’s also strong in math and science and plays sports. He’s a pretty well-rounded student.