Meet Albert

“I first came to Tampa Prep over the summer for Camp Terrapin. I fell in love with the school and my mom enrolled me immediately. I’ve been here three years now, and love the support from all the faculty. I’m a runner for Middle School Cross Country and Upper School Track, and also a wrestler. Running helps me stay calm, and gives me a purpose. When I run I think about who I’m running for, like a sick family member. Coach Clements (Cross Country coach) reminds me to be the best I can be, not just while running, but also in the classroom. I’ve kept this in mind and have not only qualified for Middle School State Cross Country meets and High School State Track meets, but I also made the Honor Roll. That last one is huge because I never thought I’d be smart enough for Prep. Now I never underestimate myself.

I’ve also been able to make States for Chorus in both seventh and eighth grade. Mr. Hoy (Chorus teacher) reminds us to always look on the bright side, but also be OK with having a mediocre day. I’m not sure he knows how inspiring he is in helping me to make the most out of a good or bad day.

Mr. Fenlon (Head of Middle School Division and Associate Head of School) reminds me to stand tall. Mr. Hendrix (Math teacher) tells me to lead with a firm but gentle hand. Mrs. Cayon (Science teacher) reminds me to always ask questions, and that it’s OK to be confused and take a moment to think.”

Albert is also interested in

Boy Scouts

Mr. Ryan Clements on Albert

“When Albert first came to me there was this eagerness about him that was refreshing. He wanted to please. He was so thorough about everything. He wanted to try out for Varsity Track (in 7th grade) and I told him there was a process, and he had to try out. He was so unbelievably eager that I wanted to see what he could do. Then John DeTringo told me how great he was. He had this never-ending battery–he was an energizer bunny. So he came out and everything that I expected he was exactly what John said. He could go and go and go. He could run multiple races. The other kids were in awe. “How is he doing this? He’s a physical specimen.” Kindness oozes from every part of him. It’s infectious. Fast forward–we accepted him. We can’t just take a Middle School athlete from Middle School into varsity if they’re going to be on the team. They’ve got to be at the level where they’re a difference-maker for our team. He came out and was our second fastest distance runner on the team–the first was a senior. It was amazing to be coaching high jump on the infield and see Albert coming around the track. He got some of the biggest cheers-junior and seniors cheering for him. He was blowing them away. That’s Albert.

Because he cares so much about everyone who is around him, he’s going to be an amazing leader. People follow people who they trust and you can’t not trust this kid. Every word out of his mouth is kindness, and he puts in 110% with his every breath. I can’t wait to see what he does in two years. He’ll probably be one of the best runners in the state. And his parents are wonderful people too. I talk to them at track meets and you see where he gets it.”