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Tuition & Financial Aid


It’s human nature to venture beyond the next horizon. To push past boundaries. Out-think obstacles. To challenge. To question. We are Tampa Prep. And we are here to inspire next–the next great discoveries, innovations, and creations. Join us. Find your next.


  • Extraordinary, passionate teaching and mentoring from an exceptional faculty, 63% of whom have advanced degrees in their field of study.
  • Rigorous, inquiry-based curricula that reflect the highest standards of academic excellence and give students the chance to experience their learning hands-on.
  • A diverse staff and student body fosters a compassionate and progressive learning environment.
  • Our downtown location offers students access to resources not available to other schools such as special access to local galleries, business partnerships for senior internships, community leaders who speak to students and parents, and more.
  • Facilities that rival some colleges and universities.
upper school students walking into school at 8:50 a.m. for delayed school start time

Tuition Rates

We do understand that a Tampa Prep education is an investment and, like you, we firmly believe your child is worth the investment.

2023-2024 Payment Plan Options
Option 1 | 100% of tuition paid in full by July 20
Option 2 | Two equal payments
Option 3 | Ten automatic, monthly payments beginning in June.
NOTE: A $1,000 deposit is due with the enrollment contract.

Upon a student’s enrollment, the payment of tuition and fees for the full academic year is an unconditional obligation. No portion of tuition or fees paid or outstanding will be refunded or canceled notwithstanding the absence, withdrawal or dismissal of the child from Tampa Preparatory School during the academic year. This obligation may be canceled by notifying the Admissions Office at in writing on or before May 1 preceding the school year that the child will not enroll.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? View our Admissions FAQ.


Upper School Tuition (Grades 9-12):  $28,595 ($1,000 deposit due with contract)
Middle School Tuition (Grades 6-8):  $27,595 ($1,000 deposit due with contract)

3 Payment Options

  • Option 1:  Single Payment
  • Option 2:  Two Payments
  • Option 3:  10 Monthly Payments


Additional fees and expenses may be incurred during the school year. The following is an estimation of additional costs a family should budget for their child(ren).

New Student Matriculation Fee
$750 This is a one time, per-student fee for new students.

Grade-level Fees
All incidentals that cover the broad student experience are covered in a grade-level fee. These fees will include things that were previously itemized such as books, day trips, parent group memberships (TPPA and Boosters) and certain senior year activities such as commencement. This fee will be billed in late summer, prior to the year of attendance.

  • Grades 6-8 – $400
  • Grades 9-11 – $475
  • Grade 12 – $550

Class Trips (mandatory participation)
(Prices below are based on ’22-’23 class trip charges and are subject to change)

  • Grade 6 – $600 Fun in Florida Trip
  • Grade 7 – $1,500 Florida Keys Experiential Education
  • Grade 8 – $1,100 Explore Boston
  • Grade 11 – $900 Camping in Pisgah National Forest

Additional Potential Fees (based on student involvement)

  • Athletic team requirements
  • AP Exams
  • Transportation (bussing to/from school)
  • Travel (Grades 9-12. Some courses, clubs and athletic teams travel for competitions.)
  • All students must own an iPad. Read our iPad specifications.


Middle School
$27,595 + $3,000 ancillary fee = $30,595 (Paid in full before I-20 can be issued)
Upper School
$28,595 + $3,000 ancillary fee = $31,595 (Paid in full before I-20 can be issued)


Our downtown campus is conveniently located just across the river from the Patel Conservatory, and our nearly 700 students in grades 6-12 represent a mosaic of ethnic, religious and socioeconomic diversity. As Florida’s Most Innovative School, Tampa Prep can challenge and support NGB students in ways that more traditional environments cannot. Personalized course schedules allow NGB students to concentrate on academics in the morning and devote their afternoons and evenings to intensive dance instruction.


Middle School: $13,798 ($1,000 deposit due with contract)
Upper School: $14,298 ($1,000 deposit due with contract)

3 Payment Options

  • Option 1:  Single Payment
  • Option 2:  Two Payments
  • Option 3:  10 Monthly Payments

Financial Aid

Our founders believed that all children deserve an exceptional education, regardless of socio-economic status. To make Tampa Prep accessible to the best and brightest students from all backgrounds, we offer financial assistance where possible at each grade level to provide the school with a broad social and economic mix of students. We are dedicated to extending opportunities for qualified students, thus Financial Aid is open to students of any race, color, religion, nationality or ethnic origin.

Tampa Prep is committed to meeting the demonstrated financial need of families whose children are offered admission. To enable us to do this, with finite resources available, the guidelines and policies in the dropdown below have been adopted. Tampa Prep reviews all applicants on a case-by-case basis. A student’s application for admission is not affected by his/her application for Financial Aid. Priority is given to current families who adhere to the deadlines and have met all financial obligations to the school.

PLEASE NOTE: Tampa Prep does not accept any government scholarships (i.e. Family Empowerment, Gardiner, Hope, McKay, Step Up for Students, etc.)

Financial aid applications need to be completed no later than February 1, 2023.

Should you have any questions regarding the Financial Aid process, please contact Tammy Honegger, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at 813-251-8481.

Applying for Financial Aid


Tampa Prep follows the NAIS Principles of Good Practice in determining need. Financial aid awards are based upon FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment (FACTS) financial assessment of each applicant. Completed applications and required documents received in the Admissions Office by February 1, 2023 will receive first priority relative to aid dollars available. Tampa Prep may not be able to accommodate all financial aid applicants in a given year.

Families applying for financial aid for the first time will receive a Financial Aid packet once you have submitted your Admissions application and requested assistance. Returning families currently receiving aid must submit a new application each year. A new Financial Aid packet will be sent to current families in early October.

Beginning October 1, 2022, our Financial Aid applications will be available here.

To apply for financial aid, please complete the following steps no later than February 1, 2023:

  1. Create your FACTS online account. Applications will be available October 1, 2022.
  2. Complete your Financial Aid application by February 1, 2023.
  3. Submit your additional required documents listed  below:
  • Upload your 2021 income tax return with signatures
  • Upload your 2021 Business/Farm Statement and Corporate Tax Return with all supporting schedules (if applicable)
  • Upload your 2021 W-2 Forms (if applicable)


A Financial Aid packet will be mailed to those families who have indicated an interest in financial aid once the Admissions Office receives a completed admissions application and application fee. Current families receiving aid will be mailed a Financial Aid packet in October.

December 31, 2022 – Deadline for current/returning families receiving financial aid

  • Online financial aid application submitted to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
  • Upload 2021 taxes (with all supporting schedules) and W-2’s.

February 1, 2023 – Deadline for new student applicants requesting financial aid

  • Completed student admissions file to Tampa Prep including application and fee, student essays, family interview/tour, school and teacher recommendation forms, transcript, SSAT/ISEE test scores and Character Skills Snapshot scores
  • Online financial aid application submitted to FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
  • Upload 2021 taxes (with all supporting schedules) and W-2’s.

March 1, 2023
Decisions on Financial Aid awards mailed from Tampa Prep, along with notification letters to those applicants meeting the above deadlines.

**Tampa Prep reserves the right to request additional information or withdraw financial assistance from families at anytime should discrepancies be discovered in the information provided.


Financial aid applicants who do not adhere to the deadlines may still qualify for assistance but will be placed in a waiting pool for financial aid. Should any funds remain or become available after the first round of decisions students in the waiting pool will be notified. Families who do not qualify for assistance will receive a letter from Tampa Prep.

Families applying for admission and financial aid after the deadline dates risk not receiving aid for the upcoming school year. While Tampa Prep has a generous financial aid budget, there simply are  never enough funds to support all families seeking assistance.

Should you have any questions regarding the Financial Aid process please contact Tammy Honegger, Director of Admissions and Financial Aid at 813-251-8481.


Financial information from all family members is required as each parent bears a responsibility for financing their student’s education. Custodial and non-custodial parents must submit their own Financial Aid application. The Financial Aid Committee considers all household assets in determining need (regardless of legal settlements, divorce, separated or never married).


International students are not eligible for financial aid due to the difficulty in determining financial need in a different currency and tax structure.