T.O. L. ‘20


Meet T.O.

I’ve always been interested in engineering, but math isn’t my strong suit. People told me I would never get into engineering because I’m not math-oriented. But now I’m doing industrial or product design on CAD. Most people who use CAD work from the math and logic side of it, but when you have more of a creative focus, things end up looking a completely different way. You may have intricacies that they do not. Math models can be raw and functional, but not have any form. I think the artistic side of things is a breath of fresh air. That’s what’s great about art. People can interpret things in different ways. You know what your interpretation was, but other people might have their own spin on it, which is really cool.

I’m working on designing watches now, incorporating different pieces in the watches. I’m really into cars, so this one car has a center lock hub–no lug nuts–so I’m trying to transfer that look into a watch. It’s just one piece, one entity. There are a lot of circular things with cars: gauges, dials, wheels. So I’m trying to figure out how I can connect that into the watches.

Ms. Ashworth has had a huge influence on me. When I started the Arts Concentration, she’s the one who pushed me to figure out CAD. One summer I got a free CAD app on the ipad and was messing around with it. I “built” a house for my grandma and when school started that fall I took it into Ms. A. She told me what I had created was actually a really big deal, which I didn’t know. I just thought it was fun and I was messing around. Then we came across Shapr 3D app. Now I’m in AP Art and we’re focusing on CAD. I’m the only one who uses it here at the moment, but other people should use it–it’s great. It’s on the iPad which is nice.

I’d like to pursue industrial design or product design as a career. I’ve found that when I’m interested in something, I do way better work. When I’m doing the CAD work, there’s nothing to be graded on. There’s critiques. But Ms. A doesn’t grade your work. Really you can’t have your best work when you’re rushing and have a deadline you might be trying too hard in one section. But the other portion has minimal detail–rushing for deadlines… Really similar to an independent study. She moderates the class and suggests things but it’s your opinion always.

T.O. is also interested in

Watch Design

Ms. Elle Ashworth on T.O.

T.O. is a magical being. He is one of the most compassionate, sincere beings that I’ve ever met in 30 years of teaching. And not just to the adults, but to his peers. He’s truly genuine. He’s also an entrepreneur. He has his own car detailing business and another business tying fly fishing lures.

And the work he’s doing in CAD? He’s probably going to get a humongous scholarship. I don’t think there’s another high school junior working in CAD at the level he is. I have no doubt that T.O. will light the world on fire in his artistic endeavors, and if this school were to close down tomorrow, T.O. would be able to sustain himself in business. He’s just an entrepreneur at heart.