LILLY B. ‘20


Lilly Berry playing golf

Meet Lilly

I started golfing when I was five. I was actually doing figure skating and golf for a long time, but I wasn’t at the ability to go to the Olympics for figure skating so I chose golf. I’m very competitive and hold myself to a very high standard. In Middle School, if I got anything below a 100 I would freak out. Through the process of growing up, I’ve learned it’s OK to not be perfect at everything, just as long as you learn from it. I think my biggest accomplishment so far in life is learning to accept the fact that I’m going to have flaws.

Last year I was at a very exclusive, invitation-only golf tournament in Georgia. It’s invitation-only. There were a lot of college coaches there watching. I’d been practicing really hard for this tournament, but when I got up there, I couldn’t play. I’m a perfectionist. When I lose, it stresses me out, so it was the best test of character for me. It tested my ability to be OK with not being the best out on the field, which was a new experience for me. Everyone has to fail at some point in their life. I practiced harder when I came back. At my next tournament I shot a 71, which is under par.

This is the best thing about Tampa Prep . . . the independence that the coaches, teachers and administration give you to make your own decisions and be responsible for those decisions. It prepares you for the actual world. Tampa Prep is the place I’ve grown the most as a person.

I’m also in the Arts Concentration and in 3D AP Art. I’m doing jewelry, specifically. It’s a big thing in Asian culture, the appreciation of jewelry. They pass it down for generations. Ms. Ashworth lets me learn through my own experiences so I understand the process. In Art, I get to escape. It uses another part of my brain. She pushes me to be creative, but it’s not stressful. I design my own jewelry and have been sending sketches to Thailand, where I’m from, to get them made. Now I’m able to make the jewelry myself rather than sending it to someone else. Ms. Ashworth has her MBA in Jewelry Making from SCAD, so she’s very qualified to be teaching me. I trust her. I tend to have good relationships with all my teachers because they’re all supportive. if you have something to talk about with someone, there’s definitely a teacher that every person can develop a relationship with here and be able to confide in.

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Ms. Elle Ashworth on Lilly

Having played golf myself, I think that Lilly–if she has a poor hit–can probably break down exactly where in her swing it arrived, where her shoulders were aligned and how much backswing was on it. She has major body awareness which helps with her fine motor skills in both jewelry making and on the golf course. She’s very self-aware, which works to her advantage. She can be very calculating in her intent for what she wants to achieve on the course or in class.

Lilly is one of those students who thrives when she’s challenged. The harder I push her artistically, the more she leans into it and the more she becomes independent and confident in what she’s doing. In the art room, she is heavy handed with craftsmanship and attention to detail. She’s diligent with the technical research samples that we do–those little studies in the processes that she’s working on–which makes her finished work really successful.

It’s been fun to watch her grown. She’s now able to step back from being all black and white, and allow things to be grey sometimes. She’s not stuck in a box. She’s able to work through anything.