AVERY F. ‘21


Meet Avery

When I started my freshman year, English was my least favorite class. Mrs. Cardillo showed me a different perspective, and I realized that something I thought I was really bad at could be my strongest subject. That’s how the teachers are here. They’re always available after school, before school, during lunch and always willing to help with anything. All of them are great. It helps that this just feels like a safe place. Here, I don’t have to worry about anything.

In my English class that freshman year, I also won Declamations. I never thought I would win. I was stunned. I wrote about how when I was ten years old I witnessed a car accident and it changed my life and I realized that anything can change in an instant.

So now I want to be involved in as many things as possible. Right now I’m in Future Business Leaders of America, and I hope to get more into acting next semester. I hope to go to a small college out of state after I graduate. And someday I hope to own my own business. I thank my mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to do all these things. I’d say the best thing they’ve given me is the opportunity to go to Tampa Prep.

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Future Business Leaders of America

Mrs. Stephanie Cardillo on Avery

Avery said she lacked confidence in English class? I would have never had that perspective of her. She was a regular, frequent contributor to our Harkness class discussions, despite her obviously shyness. I know that was hard for her to do. I never underestimate how much energy it takes for introverted kids to do that, especially when they’re not used to having to talk in a classroom discussion.

She did tell me early on that she had no confidence in her writing skills, but her willingness to work hard and evaluate and improve her work was all she needed. She’s a very coachable kid. She listens and works to implement whatever improvements she needs. She’s a really good creative writer, and she definitely built some confidence with her declamation. She ended up winning the English Award for ninth grade.

I think Avery just shows that a flamboyant personality isn’t always the prototype for a leader. There’s something to be said for the quietly diligent student who still finds a way to push themselves out of their comfort zone. I appreciate those kids who can display that quiet leadership.