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WILL B. ‘25



Meet Will

Sophomore Will B. came to Tampa Prep in 7th grade but started playing tennis at the age of 11 after his parents signed him up for a tennis summer camp. “I just really loved it and it took off from there.” He trains for local and national USTA tournaments at HCC and competes at least twice a month.

Favorite subject?  “I would probably say math.  But this year I also am really enjoying film making class. I’m having a lot of fun, learning how to make movies with my friends.”

Favorite teacher?  “My favorite teacher from last year was definitely Ms. Monea.  She was my advisor and was always there for me and always helped me out whenever I needed it.  She was very supportive and really helped me stay on track.”  

Accomplishments/awards/recognitions? “I got the Best Athlete physical education award and I’ve been on the academic Head’s List.  I’ve made the Finals in some tennis tournaments and have won a few recently.”

Future aspirations?  “I want to definitely be a college athlete and play tennis in college.  Pursuing a career in sports would be great, in any capacity.  As an athlete or a coach.  Something that has really interested me a lot is sports psychology.  I did a project in Health that was interesting about the importance of emotional and mental wellness and it just made me start thinking about how mental wellness should really be taught more in sports, to players and to coaches, about how to stay healthy so that you can stay focused.”  

What is something that you’re proud of?   “I’m proud of my work ethic.  One thing I’ve really tried to work on is to always get myself back on track, if I start to get behind or get a little lazy.  Whether it’s with sports or academics, I like to push myself outside my comfort zone and challenge myself with new things.”

Favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  “My favorite thing is really just the community.  How everybody is always so nice and supportive.  You really feel like everybody has your back here.”  

Will is also interested in

Sports Psychology
College Athletics
Monea Noel

Ms. Noel Monea on Will

“Every time Will stepped into my room, he had a smile on his face and was ready to engage in whatever we had planned for the day.

His curiosity made him a joy to teach and his positive attitude helped to create a lively learning environment.”