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STONE F. ‘27


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Meet Stone

Stone became a Tampa Prep Terrapin in 6th grade. His parents are from Miami, which explains why he’s a big fan of the Marlins and the Dolphins, and his family roots are from Cuba and Spain, which is why he grew up with English as his second language.

Favorite subject?  “I like math with Ms. Embry.  Math helps explain things around me and gives me a better understanding of what’s going on.  I think that the concept of infinity is really cool – It’s just such an abstract concept.”

Other interests?  “I started playing the violin when I was in kindergarten and am currently in the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra with Ms. Calandra.   I also play soccer and baseball.  Soccer has taken a bigger role, mostly because it’s easier with my schedule.  I still play baseball at school. And I like to watch football and basketball.”   

Favorite teacher?  “I don’t really have one favorite teacher – I like all my teachers.  They honestly all have great, positive things about them.  I even have great interactions with teachers that I don’t have for a class and would feel good about going to see any of them after school if I needed help with anything.  I had Mr. Seary last year, for Prima Lingua and I still go to his Hockey Club!”

Something you’re proud of?  “I’m proud of the fact that, even if I sometimes get stressed about school, I really feel confident that I know what I’m doing and that I’ll get my schoolwork done, to the best of my ability.  I’m proud of the fact that our Robotics Team is first in the state right now, out of 16 teams.   And I’m proud that, although I grew up with English as my second language and Spanish as my first, I had gotten away from speaking Spanish that much.  But, over the summer, my grandfather tutored me and I was able to test into Spanish 1B.  So now, Spanish is once again becoming second nature and more part of my daily life.  As I’m speaking English, I’ll think inside my head ‘How would I say that in Spanish?’  I’m proud to be fluently bilingual.” 

Future aspirations?  “I’d like to get even more involved with technology, coding, physics and robotics.  I’m in the Robotics Club and we have State Competitions in February in Orlando.   I definitely want to go to the best college that I can.  It’s hard to say right now what I would want to do, because I’m interested to see what the future of technology holds.  And, what will be possible in that capacity, when I’m old enough to get a job.  I can’t even begin to guess what technology will be like and what opportunities will be available by the time I’m in the workforce.”

Favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  “I look forward to the sports and games that we get to play at the end of the school day with friends.  I love the technology and the STEM opportunities here, with Mr. Quah and Ms. Lassacher.  And, I also love that we have the chance to work efficiently in class.  Because the more efficiently I work in class, the less homework I have to do at home!”

Stone is also interested in

Miami sports teams
Foreign Languages
Pat Embry, Tampa Prep Assoc. Head of Middle School

Ms. Patricia Embry on Stone

Stone’s curiosity and love of learning is contagious.

He poses questions and makes connections that help everyone in the class deepen their understanding of mathematics. This is even more remarkable since he is the lone 7th grader in the eighth grade Algebra class.

I see him “Strive for Excellence” and “Go Beyond” everyday.