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RYLEE J. ‘23



Meet Rylee

Senior Rylee came to Tampa Prep as a sophomore and quickly found her home, as it’s the longest she has ever been at any school. As a military kid, she’s moved around a lot and has attended schools in 6 different states. “I’ve switched schools a lot. I used to be really shy but moving around has given me the skill to be more outgoing.  Doing a sport definitely helps. Playing volleyball at Tampa Prep has given me a built-in little family.” 

Favorite subject? “Obviously I love art! I’m in the Arts Concentration and right now I’m doing leather work and learning about carving, dyeing and stitching on leather with Ms. A. and I’m also doing drawing and painting with Ms. DeAmbrose.  I also am really loving AP Psychology. We’re doing a lot of cool experiments.  We’re working on ‘Stranger Papers,’ where we observe someone without using any preconceived notions or hindsight about what you may think about them.  It has to be purely what you observe in the present.” 

Favorite teacher?  “Ms. A. She is always so encouraging and up for any idea that I want to try. She’ll send me resources and get the materials so that I can create.  She is just super supportive and never negative.”

Accomplishments/awards/recognitions?  “I’ve already committed to the University of Utah for beach volleyball.  I’m in Cum Laude. I’m also the Artistic Coordinator for CASS Key Club, which means I design all of the posters for volunteer opportunities, and I’m the Vice President of National Arts Honors Society.” 

Future aspirations? “At the University of Utah they have this entrepreneurship program where they compete with MIT to see who can create the most start-up businesses.  I can’t wait to dive into that.  I want to use my art skills to build my own business. There is also an architecture program to design and build houses.  They have people who design and build tiny houses and I think that would be so much fun, to design, build and decorate tiny houses.” 

What is something that you’re proud of?  “I would say I’m proud to be a Christian. I go to Radiant Church and my friend Maya and I have been inviting our friends on the volleyball team to come with us. We’ve been having a really good time on Sundays.”

Favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  “Definitely not only the size of the community but the people in the community.  All the teachers care so much about you. You have a relationship with each teacher and all your classmates; relationships that I think will last a long time.  Everyone supports each other.  At volleyball games, everybody comes and are just huge cheerleaders. It’s so cool to see!”

Rylee is also interested in

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Ashworth Elle

Ms. Elle Ashworth on Rylee

I have had the privilege of teaching Rylee in 3D Art for the last three years. I have watched her grow in confidence with her artistic abilities. She is a highly gifted artist. She has the ability to quickly find a level of proficiency in any media she chooses to work within. She is a natural artist. I am waiting with baited breathe to see her final AP 3D Portfolio collection. She is fabricating collection of leather corsets inspired from different cultures and their architectural elements. Rylee hopes to study in the field of education.