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MEGAN N. ‘28


female volleyball match

Meet Megan

Megan started as a 6th grader this year at Tampa Prep, after attending two different elementary schools.  With an 11th grade sister, who is a fellow Terrapin, and a permanent future spot on the volleyball team, she knows that she has definitely found a home at Tampa Prep.

Favorite subject?  “I really like World Geography, with Ms. Sanford, and English with Ms. Bahtic.  Geography is just so interesting – I became interested in different countries and their history when I was in elementary school and Ms. Sanford just makes it so much fun to learn.”   

Favorite sport?  “I play volleyball – here at school and also tournaments for Club Volleyball.  I’ve been playing for two years – I used to play for Tampa United but now I play for OTVA (Orlando/Tampa Volleyball Academy).   The team I’m on right now has really helped me improve my volleyball IQ.  Plus, playing volleyball is just a cool thing to do – it helps me let off the stress of doing homework!”

Other interests?   “I love dancing – I like learning different dances, like pop dances, with tutorials on YouTube.  I did take dance lessons from ages 3 to 7, but I decided that I really wanted to focus on volleyball.  Plus, my mom played volleyball in college and my sister plays volleyball, too, so I guess it’s in our blood.” 

Favorite teacher?  “I like all my teachers, but Ms. Sanford is great.  She’s really funny in class.  Whenever we take tests she does ‘Sanford’s Secrets’ and they’re so fun.  My class has an obsession with fish – they do crazy cheers about fish – and she just goes along with it and has fun with it.  Plus, she is so helpful and supportive whenever we need help.”

Awards/accomplishments/recognitions?  “I’ve gotten a lot of volleyball awards, including tournament championship trophies.  And, I’ve got a lot of race medals, from running 5Ks.  My mom does marathons, so I get the running from her.”

Something you’re proud of?  “My Club team played in a volleyball tournament in Orlando this weekend and we started out as one of the lower-ranked teams (like in the 50s).  We were definitely not in the top 10.  And, after 8 or 9 games, we are now ranked Third! So, we all worked really hard and improved a lot and I’m really proud of that.”

Future aspirations?  “I might want to be a therapist, like my mom.   I’m interested in doing something with psychiatry, in general.  I’ve always been really into things like Criminal Minds and True Crime podcasts, so I like getting inside people’s minds and trying to solve stuff.” 

Favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  “My favorite things about Tampa Prep are probably the opportunities that we get here, like going on really cool field trips (going to Disney and NASA and Medieval Times) and playing fun games.  The Middle School Games were so much fun.  My team (the grey team) didn’t do that great but it was all about building teamwork while having fun.  And, we did that!” 

Megan is also interested in

World Geography
Kerri-Ann Gross, Tampa Prep Science teacher

Ms. Kerri-Ann Grosso on Megan

It’s really wonderful to see the passion that Megan has for volleyball.  She is a hard-worker and I know that she has the talent and desire to continue to grow in the sport!