makayla bell

Meet Makayla

Makayla, Class of ‘22 still remembers her “shadow day” at Tampa Prep, before she became a Terrapin in 6th grade.  And, she remembers being impressed by the school’s innovation, the friendliness of the teachers, the fun environment and most importantly…the spinny chairs.  She is an artist, a swimmer, a big fan of English, a traveler and all-around Renaissance Woman.

Favorite subject?  “I’d say english and art are my two favorites.  I like how collaborative our English classes are and I really like the Harkness discussions, plus I enjoy reading and writing.  I also really appreciate how independent we get to be in art, at least in AP.  We get to choose the projects and the skills that we want to work on.”   

Favorite teacher?  “I have alot of favorite teachers!  First, I’d say Ms. A (Ashworth) and Ms. DeAmbrose.  They are really kind and they provide a really fun & nurturing environment.  Because of them, the art room is a place that I want to be and like to go after school.  They are not only helpful but inspiring, too.  Ms. Monea and Ms. Mona have really helped me hone my English skills.  And, Ms. E (Englenton) is a really great teacher and such an intellectual thinker.  Her class (AP World) was a hard class – she didn’t go easy on us and I really needed that.  She pushed me to be more of an independent thinker and because of her, I’ve learned alot about the current world.”

Awards/accomplishments/recognitions?  “I was an AP Scholar with Honors, National African American Recognition Scholar, National Merit Commended and received the William J. Engle II Award. Last year, I got excellence in English.  And, in middle school, I won the Visual Arts Awards.  I’m also in the National Art Honor Society, have been doing AP 3D Visual Arts for two years and am in the Coloring the Community Club at Tampa Prep.  I’ve also been a Peer Tutor (geometry) for the past two years.  I really love helping younger kids who might be too scared to go to a teacher for help.  Plus, it’s really helpful to have a mentor and a friend when you’re making the transition from Middle School to Upper School.”

Something you’re proud of?  “I feel proud of my ability to make friends in all the different extra-curriculars that I do.  I used to be really shy and quiet but now, whether it’s swimming, art or academics, I’ve made really great friends and we can talk about anything.  I’m proud that I’ve continued those connections, even outside of school.  I also used to be terrified to go talk to teachers, but now I don’t have any trouble going after school and asking for help when I need it.  Plus, it helps that our teachers are so kind and welcoming that it’s easy to go to them with any issue that I have.”

Future aspirations?  “I definitely want to travel abroad.  One of my aspirations is to go to every single continent.  I’m going to Morocco next year and I can’t wait to immerse myself in different environments and communities.  After that I want to go to Europe, the Louvre in Paris, Japan.  For school, I would like to go out of state.  I’m excited to experience new places and cultures.”

Favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  “I love how collaborative our classes are, and how much you get to interact with and learn from other students. I love how nice & approachable the teachers are.  Tampa Prep really prides itself on being the most innovative school in Florida and it is.  It is very high tech and I love that.  But most importantly, I love how our school gives equal attention to the Arts.  Tampa Prep does such a great job of supporting kids in all activities, including dance, art and theatre.  Not just sports, but whatever you might be interested in – it’s all encouraged and supported.”

Makayla is also interested in

Peer tutoring
Elle Ashworth Tampa Prep Arts teacher

Ms. Elle Ashworth on Makayla

“I have been teaching Makayla Bell since she was in 6th grade. In the seven years she has worked in our studio her work ethic, craftsmanship, ingenuity, and ability to think divergently have grown exponentially. Makayla has never been afraid of pushing herself in her artistic ventures and grasps the importance of failure in the process. Her perseverance is part of who she is as an artist and as an individual. She is producing one of the strongest AP 3D collections ever made at Tampa Prep. I could not be prouder of her, it has been an honor to be part of her journey.”   — Elle Ashworth, Arts Department Chair