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JAKE B. ‘23



Meet Jake

Though he is a triplet, Jake has absolutely no trouble standing out in a crowd.   As captain and founder of the Boys’ Beach Volleyball team, president and founder of Tampa Prep’s Best Buddies program and National Arts Honors Society member, he has also served on Student Council all four of his Upper School years while managing the work of five AP classes.

Favorite subject?  “I would probably say AP Art and AP Physics.  I want to go into architecture, which is the perfect combination of design and math/science.  I like thinking about why the world is built the way that it is, which is why I like physics. I had an internship with an architecture firm this summer (Pasquale Designs in Tampa) and I was able to do an independent art study in CAD with Ms. A to prepare for the internship.”

Favorite teacher?  “Ms. A.  The way that her brain works, she is just the perfect balance between a mentor, a teacher and a friend.  We just get each other.  Coming into Tampa Prep in 6th grade, I wasn’t artistic at all.  I’ve always been really into community service and I knew that I wanted to get involved with student government, but the first time I got to do ceramics, working on the wheel and throwing pieces, I just loved it.” 

Accomplishments/awards/recognitions?  “I received the Anne Frank Award from the Holocaust Museum last year, mainly for my work with Best Buddies.  I raised $1,000 in one hour during a fundraising telethon.”   

Future aspirations?  “I’m planning to pursue a Master’s in Architecture.  I don’t know where I’m going to go to college yet.  Right now, I’m still looking around and keeping my options open. It’s so competitive and very stressful.  Senior year is a lot of work, between developing course rigor, college applications, extra-curriculars, five or six hours of homework a night, sports…”

What is something that you’re proud of?   “My sophomore year, I founded the Best Buddies program at our school and am now the president.  I have a cousin who is disabled and was being helped by the program and I realized that we didn’t have one at Tampa Prep.  Our chapter is called a promotion chapter, so we help raise money for the other programs in the area. Every year, we host a Friendship Walk and I’m also the president of that event for the state of Florida. And, last year, we raised over $400K!”

Favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  “I would say the community.  Tampa Prep is very welcoming and inclusive. Everybody knows everybody – I’m sure that I could name every person in my grade!  If you’re walking down the hallway, you would have no problem saying hi to someone and starting a conversation with them. It would never be awkward. At Tampa Prep, it truly feels like one big tight knit community.”

Jake is also interested in

Student Government
Community Service
Beach Volleyball
Elle Ashworth Tampa Prep Arts teacher

Ms. Elle Ashworth on Jake

Jake has had two loves here at Tampa Prep.One is where he has found value and purpose, that is the concept of service for others. This has shaped his journey in our Upper School. The second is his love of Art. Jake has pushed and developed this passion and interest of creating since 6th grade. He has drafted a porfolio in CAD and in Ceramcis this year. He hopes to study Architure in college.

   — Elle Ashworth, Arts Department Chair