ELLA C. ‘22



Meet Ella

Ella, class of ‘22, started at Tampa Prep as a sophomore and she is all about the numbers and all about the animals:  She has three pets (dog, cat and rabbit), has been in chorus for 7-8 years, can milk 40 goats in one day and has volunteered over 300 hours.  Once upon a time, she had to write an essay and create a PowerPoint presentation to convince her parents to let her get a dog.  And, she hasn’t looked back since.

Favorite subject? “I’d say the subject I’m best at is math. But, my real passion is science, especially biology, animals and nature.  I’ve loved animals ever since I was little and I’ve grown up volunteering in rescues.  I’ve also always had a passion for agriculture and for the past two years I’ve been volunteering at a goat farm.  I milk goats for about 4 hours a day, so I end up milking about 40 goats.  I also help care for chickens, alpacas, cats, dogs, you name it.  I also have found a new interest path with Florida wildlife.”  

Favorite teacher?  “I don’t know if I have just one favorite but I’ve worked a lot with Ms. Engleton, because I’m one of the leaders in Culture Shock (diversity, equity & inclusion club) and she’s great.  Ms. E. always likes to say that Culture Shock is a comfortable space for uncomfortable conversations.  I also love Mr. Hoy.  He is an absolutely amazing music director and (fun fact) he went to the same high school as my parents!  I’ve been in chorus for 7 or 8 years – Mr. Hoy has such a huge passion for music and for students.  He really brings out the passion in people, which makes me love it even more.”  

Other interests?  “In addition to volunteering at the goat farm, I also work at a veterinary office.  I am a figure skater and am involved in Culture Shock, where we work to make Tampa Prep a really inclusive place.  I really love to volunteer – I have around 300 volunteer hours at this point.  I’m not doing it to “meet a minimum.”  I think that the requirement of service hours kind of demeans the meaning of it.  I volunteer for the love of it and the satisfaction of helping.  I love that I’m helping the animals, whether it’s feeding baby goats, helping pregnant cats, treating medical issues or milking the goats to provide the milk that the farm can sell to provide the funds that they need to keep operating.”    

Awards/accomplishments/recognitions? “Last year I received the award for 11th grade Math.  And, even though I know that I’m not the most mathematically inclined student, I feel really proud of that award because I worked so hard for it.  I also received the Rosa Parks and Frederick Douglas Award for Equality, a Hartford Book Award and a Citizenship Award from the University of Vermont. I’m also a leader in STAND (student-led movement to stop genocide) and a member of the Cum Laude Society.”

Something you’re proud of?  “I feel really proud of my public speaking abilities that I’ve really been able to grow. I frequently give presentations in Culture Shock and to the entire school.  Recently, I introduced our speaker in an all-school assembly during Native American Awareness Month and in my sophomore year, I did a TED talk.  I also work on my communication skills in other ways:  joining dance,  doing a solo in chorus. I’m proud that I am continuing to break out of my shell and connect with people.”

Future aspirations?  “As of now, the plan is to go into the field of animal science, some type of veterinary pursuit (maybe research).  I’m really looking forward to getting into an agriculturally based college (maybe out of state) and exploring all of the opportunities and different paths, not knowing what direction it may take.  I just really want to pursue my love of nature and animals and would be interested in pursuing a doctorate.  I also want to  travel and possibly study abroad.  I’ve taken several years of Spanish and would love to go someplace where I’d be able to speak the language.”

Favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  “I really love the difficulty of classes.  That might not be the answer that a lot of people would give, but I have really loved it.  I love school and I love learning.  I continuously want to learn, so being in this environment, where there are challenging aspects from all directions, is really inspiring.  I’ve really enjoyed Harkness and the collaborative environment that it provides, especially in history.  It was such a surprise to learn how much I liked history!  And, after taking AP World, everything else was easy.” 

Ella is also interested in

Florida Wildlife
Enaye Englenton, Tampa Prep History teacher

Ms. Enaye Englenton on Ella

“Ella is quite frankly one of the most conscientious and inquisitive students I have ever had the privilege to teach. She faces challenges with an “I can do hard things” attitude that makes her the kind of student every teacher cherishes and respects. Her leadership in Culture Shock! this year has been phenomenal.  Really, I can’t say enough amazing things about this young woman.”  — Enaye Englenton, History & the Social Sciences Faculty