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ADIN S. ‘26


Adin Shah

Meet Adin

Adin, Class of ‘26, started as a 7th grader at Tampa Prep and hasn’t looked back. He’s a member of the Robotics Club, an avid Tampa Bay Lightning fan and a future surgeon. 

Favorite subject?  “My favorite subject at school is math and then science. I enjoy problem solving and equations because they can be really tricky and you have to think to find a solution.  You have to put work into understanding it and I like solving difficult things.  I like how math and science both play a part in your real life. Like, my dad and I made a table for my bedroom and I used geometry to figure out how to build the table.  Plus I really love figuring out how things work, so I like science and physics.  Whenever my parents buy something, I’m usually the one to put it together!”

Other interests?  “I really enjoy athletics.  I love playing soccer, golf and hockey with friends, just for fun. I love building things and hanging out with my family.  I have a dog, an AussieDoodle named Kali.  And, I love robotics.  I’m on the robotics team and I just love it.”  

Favorite teacher?  “I actually really like all my teachers – there honestly aren’t any teachers at this school that I don’t like.  If I had to choose one that I really like for this year it would be my robotics teacher, Mr. Quah.  He is so nice and he’s always there to help.  He holds the robotics tournaments for us and he always stays late, after school, so that we can have a build day.  Sometimes, on Fridays, he will stay until 8pm just because we want to build.  I think it’s so generous that he uses his own time to let us do things that we want to do.”  

Awards/accomplishments/recognitions?  “At my old school, we had a Student of the Month Award and I got that many times.” 

Something you’re proud of?  “I’m really proud of my grades this first semester and last year.  I thought I was doing really well – I worked really hard and I got straight A+s.”  

Future aspirations?  “I would like to go to a good college because I want to become a doctor.  My parents play a role in that because they are both doctors and it inspires me so much.  My dad is an orthopedic surgeon and I really enjoy learning about medical terms and how bones go together.  For college, I don’t want to be in Florida.  I’m not sure where I want to go, but I think I’d like to look at other places.  I’d really like to travel.  I’ve spent a lot of time in Florida and I just want to see other cultures.” 

Favorite thing about Tampa Prep?  “I really love the teachers and the teaching methods at Tampa Prep. I feel like Tampa Prep has a great academic course, especially in comparison to other schools.  The way they teach, they want you to actually understand the topic, rather than just giving you information and expecting you to memorize it.   I also really love the variety of all the different kinds of Clubs and all the opportunities you can get, to keep excelling.”

Adin is also interested in

Heidi Sabean, Tampa Prep language teacher

Spanish teacher Heidi Sabean on Adin

“Adin is a dedicated and determined young man who is creative and curious about the world around him.  He is insightful, asks thoughtful questions and is a respected leader among his peers.  Adin is genuine, kind and caring, always putting others before himself and demonstrating what it means to truly be a Terrapin.”